Alexis Vega is accused of not paying a physical trainer

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Mexico City / 24.02.2021 20:24:01

Alexis Vega was once again in a controversy after being accused by a physical trainer of not paying him for a week of training. Fernando Castillejos published a video in which he talks about the debts that some footballers have and among them the name of the Chivas striker stands out.

De agreement with Castillejos, Alexis Vega owes him a sum of 1,200 pesos corresponding to an exercise routine carried out for a week.

Alexis Vega, from Chivas, still owes me a week of training and he has not paid me. His brother does not answer me and he does not answer WhatsApp and Instagram either, “Castillejos says in the video.

“You don’t realize that you earn more than 500 thousand pesos a month and you are haggling for a training of 1,200. In any restaurant in Guadalajara you fuck 7 thousand pesos, what audacity. It’s an issue to charge them, but what about when they bring their trucks or their cars, but they don’t want to pay because they get everything for free. “

Before the controversy, Vega published a message on his social networks where he insults the physical trainer.

That he doesn’t worry about what I have, that he worry about what he needs and what I see is a lot. Minimum I would have liked that as well as he had the balls to upload the video I would have had them to answer my calls yesterday, “he said on Twitter when responding to the video.


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