Algeria: “Nida El Watan” or the hiring towards a new party of the capacity

Yesterday Saturday in Algeria several associations of “civil society” were formed into a collective called ” Nida El Watan Literally meaning the Call of the Party. Some in Algeria without taking gloves already see it as the embryo of a new political collective created in anticipation of the legislative elections announced for the coming months.

A little cut and paste, just to follow in the footsteps of the National Democratic Rally (RND) this party, founded in 1997 for similar purposes. For his notoriety, one of its two founders Abdelkader Bensalah, became interim head of state in 2019 while the other Ahmed Ouyahia (four times head of government between 1995 and 2019 currently tastes the straw of Algerian jails for embezzlement, theft etc. in short, a “randogate”, a classic in Algeria to get rid of a bulky competitor for power. ” The party, therefore created one month of February of a legislative year, won the majority of seats in the legislative elections organized four months later, which earned it the title of “party born with mustaches. »» Tells us with humor an Algerian media unconvinced of the initiative.

This virtual reincarnation of an RND, under the sweet patriotic name of “Nida El Watan” is all the more plausible since it was made at least for its constitutive meeting which was held in Algiers under the aegis of Nazih Berremdane, adviser to the President of the Republic in charge of the associative movement who announced that the event was the fruit of his multiple journeys which led him to the four corners of the country to mobilize “civil society” for the purpose of birth of ‘a civil society coalition called “Nida El Watan”.

But in Algeria we are not fooled for so little, “Nida El Watan is a political party in perspective on which President Abdelmadjid Tebboune should count to support him in the future and above all to try to give him credibility in the eyes of a population. Algerian who does not give him much credit.

Moreover, we did not prevent ourselves from being susceptible for a reason other than that of having a new political structure to replace the traditional parties in power, during the four terms of ousted President Abdelaziz Bouteflika. Also through this appeal we try to attract Algerian youth at all costs to get involved in politics. Tebboune had, from his election in December 2019, promised to give a better place to youth and civil society on the political spectrum, pledging to develop an electoral law that would allow young people to take over elected assemblies. He even promised to finance from state funds the electoral campaign of young people who would come to politics. For the time being, it is still a long way from there, but what do we have to lose in tempting Algerian youth to make better use of it.

In addition to “Nida El Watan”, we also witnessed in Algeria the launch of what is called “El Massar El Djadid” (new trajectory or line), led by former RND and FLN, and which benefits from a curious over-media coverage on the part of public television. What does this mean if not preparations for the next legislative elections? With our neighbors to the East, nothing is ever definitive and in Algeria, history is a perpetual restart, sometimes you just need to browse a little to find your way around.

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