Algeria summons the French ambassador

The Algerian foreign ministry summoned the French ambassador to Algeria on Wednesday to protest against Paris’ decision to reduce the number of visas granted to Algerian nationals.

The decision of the French authorities to reduce “drastically” the number of visas issued to nationals of Maghreb countries, including Algeria, “Is turning to the diplomatic crisis between Algeria and France”, observe the site All about Algeria.

The Algerian Foreign Ministry summoned, Wednesday, September 29, the French Ambassador to Algeria, François Gouyette. The diplomat was notified “A formal protest by the Algerian government following a unilateral decision by the French government affecting the quality and fluidity of the movement of Algerian nationals to France”, according to a press release from the ministry, relayed in particular by the agency Algeria Press Service.


The day before, France had announced the reduction in the number of visas granted to nationals of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia due to the “refusal” of these Maghreb countries to issue the consular passes necessary for the return of immigrants returned from France. For Algeria, the decrease amounts to 50%, raise it Daily of Oran, which evokes a “New turn of the screw of Paris”.

“This decision, which took place without prior consultation with the Algerian party, contains the crippling anomaly of having been the subject of a media hype generating confusion and ambiguity as to its motivations and its scope. ”, estimated the Algerian ministry in its press release Wednesday. He further deplored a “Unfortunate act which strikes with precariousness and uncertainty a sensitive area of ​​cooperation” between the two countries.

Algiers had from Tuesday “Held to respond to the decision of France”, recalls the site Observ’Algeria. Amar Belani, special envoy in charge of the cause of Western Sahara and the countries of the Arab Maghreb, described her as “Disproportionate” and “Unfortunate”.

In an editorial, Freedom recognizes that the French decision comes “In a context of the French presidential pre-campaign strongly dominated by the theme of immigration”, and “At a time when the wave of illegal migration is experiencing an unprecedented pace”. But for everyday life, “The subject reveals the coldness that characterizes relations between Algiers and Paris”.

It is no exaggeration to say that not much has been happening between the two countries for some time. Strategic dialogue is at its weakest level. This is not the great crisis, but neither is it the great love. Obviously, the regular and warm exchanges between [les présidents Abdelmadjid] Tebboune and [Emmanuel] Macron could not help revive the much-desired cooperation. (…) And in all likelihood, this visa affair will lead to more cooling off between two countries which, however – for multiple and obvious reasons – have a vocation to cooperate and come to an understanding. ”

Tunisia “continues its silence”

In Tunisia, Business News note that if Algiers “Has just shown his disapproval” after the announcement of Paris, Tunis “Continues his silence”. On Wednesday, notes the digital newspaper, the Tunisian Foreign Ministry had “Always gave no reaction”.

Finally, in Morocco, where the visa restriction was judged “Unjustified”By the head of diplomacy, Nasser Bourita, Telquel thinks she knows “Will target in priority the ruling circles” from the country. “The French Ministry of the Interior, contacted by Telquel, persists and signs, specifying that these restrictions will mainly concern ‘the ruling circles, primarily responsible for this situation’”, writes the weekly.

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