Algiers says it has recovered a “slice of the ransom” from hostages in the Sahel

The Algerian army got its hands on a “slice of the ransom” which it said was paid for the release of hostages in the Sahel in October, as part of a counterterrorism operation carried out in Jijel (northeast ), announced Monday, December 28 the Ministry of Defense.

“During a search and search operation”, the army “discovered and destroyed five pillboxes for terrorists and recovered the sum of 80,000 euros”, it is indicated in a press release from the defense. The sum “turned out to be the first installment of the ransom, object of the bargain concluded in the Sahel last October, and supposed to be paid for the benefit of the residues of terrorist groups tracked down by the Algerian security services” in the north. of the country, it is specified without further details. (The World with AFP)

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