Aliana Ustinenko is busy with herself, Alexander Gobozov is proud of raising his son Robert

While ex-participant of House 2 Aliana Ustinenko competes with Marina Afrikantova in beauty of the figure, the father of her son Robert Sasha Gobozov is increasingly busy raising a child.

Shared by Alexander Gobozov, whom his fans consider an exemplary father, footage of the first joint trip with an overnight stay with my son.

Dad organized a field trip for the boy and at the same time showed the skills of making a fire, taught him how to put up a tent and is very pleased that he is raising a real man.

Alexander Gobozov even dreams these days that time will freeze and his ex-wife Aliana will allow him to enjoy communication with his own son for as long as possible. But will Sasha Gobozou be able to grow a real man out of Robert by his own example, what do you think?

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