Alianza Lima: Agustin Lozano ruled out eliminating the relegation after request of the intimate club Liga 1 Fondo Blanquiazul Twitter VIDEO

Lima Alliance, from the hand of Blue and white background, its main creditor, seeks to exhaust all administrative channels to stay in the League 1 after losing the category in the 2020 tournament. And it is that the administrative part of the ‘intimate’ team raised a claim against Carlos Stein for non-payment, which had a negative response from the Licensing Commission.

With the rejection of this document, the creditors of the Victorian cast joined to make the formal request to cancel the relegation of the last League 1. However, so far the Peruvian Football Federation has not ruled on this fact.

Now, on the last Sunday, January 10, Agustin Lozano spoke about the claims filed by Lima Alliance and ruled out that the presiding body cancels the descent in order to save the Victorian team. And it is that the boss of the FPF ensures that the bases cannot be changed from one day to the next.

“There are several clubs that have presented writings, that have presented documents that deserve attention and the competent areas to respond have their time and have their answers with autonomy and independence. As I reiterate, I do not know the members of the Licensing Court or the Justice Commission, neither of the first or second instance ”, he began by saying for Fútbol en América.

“The only thing I can tell you is that all documents that come directly to the board of directors are treated accordingly and all those who obey to issue a response will do so in a serious and responsible manner. If it is not appropriate to issue a response, we are not obliged to respond ”, he added.

On the other hand, Lozano clarified the meeting he had between congressman Ricardo Burga and some members of the Blue and White Fund, noting that there was talk about the elimination of the decline but in a superficial way. “In no way was that asked, it was talked very superficially, but at no time was it talked about”, He specified.

Finally, the president of the FPF ruled out that the relegation of League 1 will be eliminated, thus ending the hopes of Alianza Lima to remain in the First Division. “No, the federation in no way can break the bases approved from the beginning. We could never do that, “he said.


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