Alianza Lima: Reimond Manco reveals that Christian Cueva had a fever of 40ºC the day before the match against Athletico Paranaense for the Copa Libertadores | Sports

Christian Cueva arrived at Alianza Lima for six months. Photo: composition LR/La República/capture Cojo y Manco

Christian Cueva played as a starter in the match between Lima Alliance contra Athletico Paranaense by date 1 of the Copa Libertadores 2023. Coach Guillermo ‘Chicho’ Salas decided to put the blue and white midfielder in the starting eleven despite not coming with rhythm. In the match against the Brazilian team, Cueva failed to stand out and was substituted in the second half. Now, Reimond Manco revealed that “Aladino” had been sick with a fever the day before the Libertadores match, but that he asked to play and received the coach’s confidence.

“My absolute respect for him, nobody knows this, I know it. Cueva, two days before, had a fever of 39 ºC and the next day he had 40 ºC. Cueva was not going to play that game. He asked ‘Chicho ‘ to play that match and that speaks highly of him, because it shows that he has commitment and that he wants to play.”Manco explained in the streaming program “Cojo y Manco”.

The former PSV soccer player only had words of admiration for Cueva. ‘Rei’ highlighted the brave attitude of ‘Aladdin’ wanting to play an international match despite having had a fever. Also I know referred to the importance of Guillermo Salas taking it into account and has given him all the confidence to play a crucial commitment as the debut of the intimate team in the continental competition.

“To me, what he did is admirable. He had a fever days before, the fact that he played shows his value a lot. Good for ‘Chicho’. Because of what Cueva had done in the first half, (if he were) another player, he would have taken him out and not let him continue in the second half. However, ‘Chicho’ gave him confidence again and gave him 69 or 70 minutes. That speaks very well of that relationship there is”he claimed.

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Likewise, Manco pointed out that Guillermo Salas knows that when Cueva starts playing more and is well, the midfielder will excel with his football in the Peruvian tournament and will help Alianza Lima meet its goals.

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