Alianza Lima: Víctor Hugo Marulanda remains firm in the Blue and White team League 1 Movistar Copa Libertadores 2020 Mario Salas

Lima Alliance hired Mario Salas to replace Pablo Bengoechea, who resigned irrevocably as a result of bad results, but so far the remedy for the disease does not have the desired effect and when this happens in a large club the ground begins to shake strongly.

After the defeat in Venezuela against Estudiantes de Mérida for matchday three of the Copa LibertadoresA game that left a great dismay because winning 2-0 the rival turned it 3-2 in the final minutes, there was an urgent meeting of the club’s heads.

It transpired from her that, after a sequence of bad results that accompany the team, the first head to roll would be that of the sports director Victor Hugo Marulanda, However, this would not be more than a whimsical rumor as the Colombian remains firm in his position.

In the last hours the rumor was reactivated but LIBBER he knows that Marulanda will not be fired nor does he plan to resign because his responsibility is to continue directing the project that the Blue and White Fund entrusted to him with the expectation of taking the club to higher levels.

Marulanda is found in Colombia. Personal and family reasons have him busy in his native country but as soon as he solves everything, he will resume his functions in person.

“I must begin to manage a return flight to Lima from tomorrow, Colombia has several countries open, but Peru is not open. There are some issues that are all sports. There is a responsibility that is mine. A series of specific issues and on each of these we have to talk as a team. If one fails, we all fail, “he said in this regard. Soccer Like Field.


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