Alibaba jumps on the ChatGPT bandwagon and says it will have its own chatbot

ChatGPT’s reign, like most things in the tech world, may not last that long — at least, not alone. With Google’s Bard and Baidu’s Ernie Bot entering the chatbot race, Alibaba said, reports Reuters, that it is also preparing its chatbot to rival OpenAI’s already popular tool.

The Chinese e-commerce company promises to have a similar feature, a chatbot that can answer questions and creatively develop language, but did not give details about what it is developing, just that a version of the robot is being worked on. The news confirms a rumor published earlier by the newspaper 21ST Century Herald about a chatbot from the Chinese giant.

Alibaba further said that it has focused on language models and generative artificial intelligences for years.

It is also worth remembering that Microsoft has already announced that ChatGPT —in which it invested billions to become a partner, with exclusive use of its cloud service for OpenAI applications— will also be integrated into Edge and Bing, to take a new step in the functioning of search engines, which Google is also planning. There is still information about the advancement of Prometheus, a new language model that can overcome the limitations of ChatGPT.

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