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[Epoch Times July 30, 2021](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Yi Fan) According to a report by Business Wire on July 27,Ma YunNo longer holdAlibabaGroup shares.

according toAlibabaGroup toSECSubmit the 2021 fiscal year annual report (as of March 31 this year), founderMa YunThe more than 1 billion common shares held last year have disappeared.

The public documents of this annual report show that: Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Joseph Tsai (Joseph Tsai) holds 306,883,064 ordinary shares, accounting for 1.4%; all directors and executives hold 497,457,680 ordinary shares, accounting for 2.3%; SoftBank is the largest shareholder , Holds 5,390,066,968 ordinary shares, accounting for 24.8%.

Alibaba’s annual report last year showed: Founder and director Jack Ma holds 1,043,831,112 ordinary shares, accounting for 4.8% of the shares;

Executive Vice Chairman Cai Chongxin holds 347,617,584 ordinary shares, accounting for 1.6% of the shares; all directors and executives hold 1,596,978,496 ordinary shares, accounting for 7.4% of the shares; SoftBank is also the largest shareholder, holding 5,390,066,968 ordinary shares, accounting for 24.9% of the shares .

Comparing the two, Jack Ma’s more than 1 billion ordinary shares held in Alibaba last year have disappeared. Ali’s financial annual report did not disclose the time, price and reasons for Jack Ma’s reduction of more than 1 billion common shares. Based on Alibaba’s US$500 billion market value, the value of these 1 billion shares of common stock is approximately US$24 billion.

In the comparison of the annual reports last year and the year before, Jack Ma has reduced his holdings by 1.4% (from 6.2% to 4.8%) and cashed in $6.6 billion. This year, Jack Ma reduced his holdings again and polished all Alibaba’s shares in his hands.

Public information shows that Jack Ma has ceased to serve as a group director of Alibaba since September 30 last year, but is only one of the partners. In Alibaba’s system, partners nominate the majority of the board of directors.

A month later,Ant Financial(Alibaba’s spin-off financial business) public offering was halted by the Chinese Communist Party’s regulators. Since then, Jack Ma has rarely appeared in public.

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