“Aligns with the American orientation”

The presidential candidate of Unión Patriótica, Eduardo Artés, was launched against Gabriel Boric, the standard-bearer of Approve Dignity.

To be on the left, one has to have a project of society, it is not enough to propose arrangements within the current existing neoliberal and capitalist society. Who is not for socialism, for a society centered on workers and peoples, and the overcoming of capitalism, can not claim left“, pointed to Radio ADN, referring to the candidacy of the deputy.

“One of the fundamental characteristics of the left is an anti-imperialist attitude. With Salvador Allende, there was anti-imperialism when we only had 12% of our economy in the hands of transnational companies. Today that figure is almost 80%, with all the more reason anti-imperialism makes sense. But this man, whenever he can, aligns himself with the American orientation, of Joe Biden, against any country that fights for sovereignty like Nicaragua, Venezuela, Cuba, China. He aligns himself with the United States, he’s a pro-American, just like Provoste ”, he asserted.

In this regard, Artés was in favor of the governments of Ortega, in Nicaragua, and Kim Jong-un, in North Korea. “We do not align with all those who, according to their rights as a people, fight for their sovereignty and independence.“.

“We have sympathy with all those who dare to stand in front of the northern empire”, he specified.


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