All four finalists of the National Games women’s adult team have formed a joint team to face Beijing_Shaanxi team

Original title: All the top four women’s adult teams at the National Games have produced a combined team to face Beijing

On the afternoon of the 20th, the women’s adult football team of the 14th National Games ended the third round. The host Shaanxi team and Jiangsu team drew 1:1 in regular time, and finally won through a penalty shootout. In another game, Shandong team lost 1:2 to Beijing team. At this point, all the top four women’s adult teams of this National Games have emerged, namely the United Team, the Shanghai Team, the Shaanxi Team and the Beijing Team.

In the first half of the Su-Shan battle, the Jiangsu team attacked and the Shaanxi team defended. In the 70th minute of the game, Ni Mengjie of Jiangsu team sent a pass from midfield, and teammate Wu Chengshu got the ball and scored in the penalty area at high speed. Since then, the two sides have attacked and defended each other. The Shaanxi team achieved an “absolute tie” in stoppage time, and Chen Xia took advantage of the corner kick opportunity to make a contribution.

In the subsequent penalty shootout, the Shaanxi team replaced the substitute goalkeeper Liu Qing, and finally relied on his outstanding performance to win the penalty shootout. In the last group match, Liu Qing also came off the bench to help the host defeat the Liaoning team in a penalty shoot-out.

After the game, Shaanxi team coach Liu Huana said that the Shaanxi women’s football team is a young team. “In the past few years, we have successively established the women’s football team. I hope that my team will play steadily and go further and further.”

On the 23rd, the semi-finals of the adult women’s football team will be held. The United team will face the Beijing team and the Shanghai team will challenge the Shaanxi team.

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