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Fraud when buying a car

I bought a used car last September and after a month I had my car towed by ADAC for power steering. (At that time the power steering suddenly failed and I would have had an accident with the tram. At that time I tried to contact my salesperson. Unfortunately, he took 3 weeks vacation and I repaired my car at a workshop and that costs about 90 euros and I had to pay more for ADAC. (Master said that my power steering had failed because of Betteriepol.) But after 1 day this problem happened again and the brake switch also broke and I paid 252 euros for it. The seller was always still there Vacation. After his vacation, I brought my car with me and he told me that if I pay for spare parts (power steering) he can fix my car (it costs about 50 euros), but he couldn’t part of my car find and repair my car with another part (different item number) and he said that if I had this problem again, he will repair it again with the correct part d again after 1 day this problem happened again and I brought my car back with me. But he has not yet found the power steering for my car and he said that I should also look for the part on eBay or somehow. But when I called about it again (because I unfortunately do not know the correct article number for my car), he simply told me that he simply did not repair it back then and that my car was still fitted with my correct failing part and he said that I have to find the part myself … That sucks. That’s why I bought the power steering myself (200 euros) and replaced it myself. Since I could no longer trust the seller. now everything is fine again. And last week I changed the brake lever myself because I found another problem. When I removed the brake pads at the rear, I noticed a lot of problems. The basket was stuck in the cylinder so the brake pads simply broke off. I think this is very dangerous .. And after the rapatur from the rear brake I can no longer hear bad smell .. This smell also heard when I first took this car with me, I thought, because of ABS. But that wasn’t it either .. I think he sold his main car and wasn’t responsible at all .. Maybe he simply underestimated me because I’m a foreigner and can’t speak German that fluently … In that case, what can I do? Should I just advertise?

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