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Like a majority of the characters who encounter Emily Cooper for the first time he is hard not to judge her at first glance. With her eccentric outfits in garish colors, the young American does not go unnoticed. From the first season ofEmily in Paris, the digital marketing professional sets the tone. Eternal optimist, cheerful and a bit naive, she will quickly be confronted with the coldness and pretension of the French, a delightfully stereotypical depiction that contributes to the success of the Netflix series. And it would seem that this clash of cultures has seduced subscribers since the platform is about to broadcast season 3 ofEmily in Paris next December 21.

Emily Cooper’s Biography

Emily Cooper is a young woman in her 20s from Chicago. bubbling with creativity, she is the main asset of its leader, Madeline Wheeler (Kate Walsh) au sein du Gilbert Group. His life changes when his employer buys a small Parisian marketing company named To know. If, originally, her superior was to be assigned for a year to oversee the merger of the two companies, she becomes pregnant and must cancel her departure. Emily is then sent to Paris in her place and must integrate into a country, of which she knows nothing, apart from the clichés conveyed across the Atlantic. Beyond the language barrier, the young woman has a lot of trouble being accepted by her work colleagues, especially Sylvie Grateauthe ruthless CEO of To know. At the start of the first season, Emily Cooper is in a relationship with Doug, a native of Chicago but she will quickly fall under the spell of her neighbor, the handsome Gabriel, in a relationship with Camille, the Frenchwoman everyone would like to be like. Between integration difficulties and heartbreak, Emily can still count on the support of Mindy Chena young woman from Shanghai, also an expatriate, whom she met in a Parisian park.

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Here embodies Emily Cooper ?

You will have recognized her, the sparkling Lily Collins lends her features to Emily Cooper. The 33-year-old actress already has a great career under her belt. singer’s daughter Phil Collinsshe took her first steps in drama The Blind Sidenominated in the best film category at the Oscars in 2009. But it is above all with her performance of Snow White in the eponymous film that she stood out, as well as in The Mortal Instruments: City of Darknessreleased in 2013. In 2017, she entered the fold of Netflix with her roles in Okjaalso nominated for an Oscar, as well as To the Bonewhere she plays a young girl who struggles with anorexia. Three years later, Lily Collins appears for the first time as the one and only Emily Cooper. In terms of sentimental life, the 30-year-old married director Charlie McDowell (The One I Love) in September 2021.

Why we love Emily Cooper!

If Emily’s way of being can knock on the system of some, at Tele-Leisurewe are absolutely a fan of the state of mind of the American. Always outgoing, caring and listening, Emily Cooper is the best friend everyone deserves. Admittedly, its look with flashy colors may put some people off, but it can be a major asset when you are lost in a crowd. Emily will be your beacon in the middle of a crowd of Parisians for whom black and dark colors are the rule. The young woman, very gullible at the start of the first season, asserts herself more and more over the seasons without losing her lightness. Be certain, Emily Cooper is not a potiche! A sexist, classist remark or a derogatory comment, you can be sure that she will not keep her tongue in her pocket. For all her reasons, we love Emily Cooper and we recommend you have one in your life!

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