All of Spain scrutinizes Catalan elections

Nearly 5.6 million Catalan voters are called to elect a new Parliament this Sunday, February 14. Three and a half years after the aborted attempt at secession with Spain, and in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the result of the poll will largely condition national policy, analyzes the Spanish press.

Will the legislative elections in Catalonia version Covid give rise to a Parliament with a pro-independence majority or rather open to dialogue with Madrid? The question remains unanswered as 5.6 million Catalan voters are called to the polls on Sunday February 14 to elect their deputies for four years.

Spain’s most anticipated election of the year will largely influence the country’s political future. If the separatist parties win the majority of the seats, the secessionist temptation will be rekindled, three and a half years after the illegal independence referendum of autumn 2017. The latter paved the way for a major political and social crisis within the autonomous region.

The polls do not for the moment give the majority to the separatists, underlines The country, the great national center-left daily:

The citizens understood that the great promise [d’indépendance] was not around the corner and that the current issues had to be prioritized. ”

Main emergency: the health crisis. Catalonia is one of the regions most affected by the virus in Spain, with 540,000 confirmed cases and just under 9,800 dead since last March – compared with 3 million cases and 64,200 deaths across Spain. The


Valentin Scholz

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