“All resistant”: the scientific untruths of Louis Fouché

“We are in a totalitarian surge of neoliberal techno-militarist Khmer Blancs […] These engineers, financiers, merchants and politicians are the instrument of the totalitarian surge. They eat up life wherever it is born. ”From the first paragraph of his book All resilient at heart, let’s light up the world of tomorrow, released on October 14 (ed. Trédaniel), Louis Fouché sets the scene. The culprits are all designated: “alarmist media, dictatorial politicians, corrupt or dogmatic scientists”. Fortunately, he and his wife Carole Cassagne – who works at the IHU Mediterranean by Prof. Raoult – were “touched by grace”, they write. The Covid-19 crisis is “a revelation, an unveiling, an apocalypse” which will give way to a new world of which they – and those who believe in them – will be “the heroes we have been waiting for”. And Louis Fouché would be its studious standard. “We went through all the scientific articles, all the decrees, information, laws, ordinances. We read all the information, that of the mainstream media as that of the” conspirators “. We wrote, filmed, published, coordinated, drawn, sung, danced, created works of art “, they continue. Conclusion? We must oppose masks, “the guilt of killing our loved ones”, social distancing, confinement, television, health pass, facial recognition, “chips”, “drugs expensive “without forgetting to question vaccination …

Confusing mishmash? Not for those who know the anti-abortion anesthesiologist with an insurrectionary tendency, founder of the blog Réinfocovig, who left the Public Assistance Hospitals of Marseille after the Marseille establishment threatened to take disciplinary sanctions because of its positions “in the opposite [de nos] moral, ethical, deontological and scientific principles. “A few days earlier, Louis Fouché proclaimed that the world was facing” an unprecedented mortality in the history of modern medicine “linked to the vaccination campaign, evoked the need” to direct action “and urged to” dezincise with a grinder “street furniture. In his work, between diary, spiritual guide sprinkled with mystical flights and anti-neoliberalism political pamphlet, he describes his unease and his loss of landmarks in this world Too complex, too inhuman, too unfair and too far removed from nature If these feelings and observations, common in society, deserve debate, they unfortunately serve as a support for an anti-science discourse and several scientific untruths.

“We overplayed the severity of Covid-19”

Louis Fouché, for example, minimizes the Covid-19 crisis on several occasions. Its seriousness was “overplayed”, because the scientific truth would be “predominantly established by the pharmaceutical industry” and the hospital services had every interest in it in order to gain more equipment, posts and money. He also does not hesitate to agree with Professor Christian Perronne, himself a great follower of scientific untruths and figure of conspirators, according to whom the number of Covid-19 deaths has been exaggerated.

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Since the start of 2020, the Covid-19 has however killed more than 117,000 people in France and 4.87 million worldwide. And again, this latter figure is most likely underestimated due to the lack of testing and difficulties in attributing the cause of death in some countries. According to the World Health Organization, the total number of deaths is probably 2 to 3 times higher, or between 10 and 15 million. Above all, the sudden influx of patients in serious condition brought the hospital system to its knees in many countries, including France. Health establishments, saturated, have been forced to delay many operations and treatments of other patients, for lack of space and in order to limit contamination. Today, all the experts agree that without the health measures and barrier gestures put in place, the crisis would have been even more serious. Brazil, whose president Jair Bolsonaro has long denied the seriousness of the disease (he still refuses to be vaccinated) and which has one of the highest death rates per million inhabitants (more than 600,000 in all) , constitutes an excellent witness case, just like the United Kingdom during the first months of the crisis, when Boris Johnson made fun of the coronavirus … Until he contracted the disease and sided with scientists.

Scientific method and randomization, “an industrial system to tell the truth”

Unsurprisingly, Louis Fouché is extremely critical of evidence-based medicine and the randomization of scientific studies. A system which “was not stupid”, he launches, but which has turned into an “industrial system” saying “always the same thing” and “full of bias, full of subversions, full of cheating, full of compromise, full of corruption “. He takes as an example one of the most popular arguments of pro Raoults and conspirators, namely the proven scandal of the Lancet Gate, a faked study published in this prestigious journal. Yes, fraud does exist, however, The Lancet retracted the study, showing that there are functional controls.

There are many criticisms to be formulated against the scientific publication system, especially against those who do not respect ethics, protocols and, precisely, the scientific method. And it is the randomized double-blind studies that have made it possible to determine that hydroxychloroquine does not cure Covid-19, neither as a preventive treatment, nor during or after the disease. They are also the ones who have led to the development of vaccines limiting contagion and especially preventing severe forms. A fact demonstrated by numerous studies and even recently by a large French study involving 22 million people, which confirms that vaccination reduces the risk of hospitalization by 90% in people over 50 years of age.

Vaccination, neuromarketing manipulation and propaganda

Vaccination, too, is not spared by the author. “The only thing you need, if you don’t want to go on sheave, is to be vaccinated. That is manipulation. Neuromarketing. Propaganda. We used a traumatic event for, then , define what was going to be the solution “, affirms Louis Fouché. A speech propagated, he continues, by the General Directorate of Health, the Ministry of Health, the High Authority for Health, the ANSM, the Scientific Council and the media such as “Le Monde, Liberation”. It does not matter whether the vaccines have been shown to be effective in preventing severe forms and in preventing transmission in the first months after injection, whether in widely vaccinated countries almost all people in intensive care are not -vaccinated and whatever, no doubt that vaccines have prevented countless deaths. Moreover, according to him, the vaccination obligation would even proceed from “the culture of rape”, since it would be necessary to “submit to this right of cuissage” to be part of society.

Louis Fouché also attacks the health system guilty of asserting that it is impossible to improve one’s immunity by oneself, impossible to find grandmother’s remedies and which would make us believe that we cannot dispose “cheap drugs in molecular repositioning” – a reference to hydroxychloroquine. However, many studies have been and still are carried out on already existing and potentially useful drugs against Covid-19. And to date, none of them has yet demonstrated effectiveness against Covid-19, even if several avenues are being explored.

The catchphrase of hydroxychloroquine – azithromicin and ivermerctin

Again without surprise, Louis Fouché argues that ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and Zithromax [l’autre nom de l’azithromycine, NDLR] are remedies “still discussed” as part of the treatment of Covid-19, just like vitamins D, C, zinc or “other therapies”. Hydroxychloroquine, and to a lesser extent azithromycin, defended by Prof. Raoult, were the most studied molecules in this health crisis. And, apart from a few die-hards, the entire scientific community agrees that they have been clearly shown to be ineffective. Ivermectin has shown only a few positive results with animal models. Above all, a third of the 26 studies qualified as “major” on this drug suffer from “serious errors”, which could even, in certain cases, be qualified as fraudulent, details a BBC investigation. However, Louis Fouché questions: “Imagine also setting up outpatient treatment in town with vitamin D, C and zinc therapy – as well as recourse to antiviral treatment with ivermectin and doxycycline, or hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin”, pretending to ‘ignore that these treatments have been tested many times … without success.

“Pharmacists no longer study plants”

“I did not study plants, and pharmacists today no longer study their properties. This knowledge is simply disappearing,” says Louis Fouché. Phytotherapy, either the use of plants or herbal medicines – powders, preparations in ampoules, infusions … – to treat various pathologies is however an official medicine taught at the faculty. And herbal medicines are governed by European regulations. In recent years, herbal medicine has also enjoyed a certain popularity, although this is, in part, the result of misleading and dangerous marketing rhetoric that plants are better and more effective than drugs and are not dangerous, since “natural”. A worrying drift since plants, like drugs, contain active substances that can have side effects. On the other hand, it is correct to say that there is little research around plants since they cannot be patented, which reduces their potential profitability.

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In addition to the scientific untruths, still numerous in his work, Louis Fouché also engages in hazardous historical interpretations and diverts philosophical thoughts and the social sciences to serve his speech. He cites, for example, the Kübler-Ross model, according to which patients who are notified of an illness go through different phases: denial, anger, bargaining, discussion, negotiation, and the acceptance phase. A very popular model on personal development sites, but very widely criticized in the scientific community due to the lack of objective clinical observation and serious theoretical shortcomings. He also defends Adolf Eichmann, ex-member of the Nazi party, who would have been a “moron” rather than an agent of evil, he says, citing political scientist Hannah Arendt. A vision since swept away by the historian Annette Wieviorka, according to whom this theory would be a real mistake. “At the time, nothing was known about him. Since then, many books have shown that he was not only an office criminal, but that he was genuinely anti-Semitic. He also showed initiative in l ‘organization of the Final Solution’. As for his philosophical references, they “come under the opposite of meaning, Judge Laurent Vassel, a philosophy teacher who has been particularly attentive to the speeches of Louis Fouché for months. Thus, to justify his refusal to wear a mask, he summons Lévinas (p. 59) ) who would see in the ‘face’ of the other the sign of the transcendent presence of the Other. Bad luck, for Levinas, the incarnated face is still a mask and in no way relates to the physical incarnation. ”



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