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[▲ All-sky image constructed based on all-sky observation data released by the WISE (Wide Field Infrared Explorer) mission in 2012 (Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA)]

around the world in 2020Comet NEOWISE (C/2020 F3has attracted attention. Comets are named after their discoverers, but comet NEOWISE was discovered by NASA’s infrared astronomical satellite NEOWISE, so it was named after the satellite. I’m here.

The NEOWISE satellite was originallyWISEWide-field Infrared Survey Explorer: Wide-field infrared probe)under the name2009launched in the year. Infrared rays cannot be seen by the human eye, but they are emitted from many celestial bodies in the universe.Searching the whole sky with infrared raysThe WISE satellite that didDetection of asteroids and brown dwarfswith results such as2011successfully completed major missions during the year.


[▲Image of the WISE (Wide Field Infrared Explorer) satellite (Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech)]

After that, the WISE satellite resumed operation in 2013, and the mission and satelliteNEOWISENear-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer)」was given a new name. In the NEOWISE satellite missionNEONear-Earth Object: near-Earth objects)like the earththreatIts purpose is to search for potential asteroids and comets.

The NEOWISE satellite acquires all-sky images every six months.The images stitched together show the positions and brightnesses of hundreds of millions of objects.“Sky map”is completed.Based on the 18 all-sky maps created so far, the scientists10Reflecting changes in the sky over the yearstime lapse videowas created and published.

Individual all-sky maps are treasure troves for astronomersvery important materialHowever, by watching along the passage of time as a time-lapse movie,Deeper understanding of the universecan.The area of ​​astronomy that deals with celestial bodies that change position, brightness, shape, etc. over time“Time Domain Astronomy”is called

In this time-lapse video, following the opening, “NEOWISEAll-sky scanning animation by a satellite” “Feeding” a black hole (a video suggesting that a black hole is “eating” a star)” “Pulsating stars reaching the end of life” “Star formation” Images include, in order, a protostar within the region, a brown dwarf crossing the sky, and an unexplained stellar brightening. Below is a reprint of the “timestamp” attached to the video.

0:44 – NEOWISE all-sky scan animation
1:03 – Feeding black hole
1:14 – Pulsing star reaches the end of its life
1:21 – Protostars in star-forming region
1:34 – Brown dwarf moves across the sky
2:00 – Unexplained stellar brightening

In addition, in 20233On the moon, by the NEOWISE satellite19with the second20The second all-sky map will be released. Perhaps the time-lapse video will be updated with these two maps added, and new discoveries may be made.


  • Video Credit:NASA/JPL
  • Image Credit:NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA、NASA/JPL-Caltech
  • NASA – NASA Telescope Takes 12-Year Time-Lapse Movie of Entire Sky
  • NASA/JPL – NEOWISE Mission Summary

Sentence/Tetsuro Yoshida

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