All Sponsored finds sponsors for little-known clubs

All amateur clubs dream of it: a brand new set of shirts to offer to young people every season. The logos don’t matter, as long as the child is proud to wear his team colors. And if in addition the outfit is free… This is what a marketing agency from Orléans (Loiret) called All Sponsored, “all sponsored” in French, offers.

The young shoot was founded in 2019 by a sports educator, Stevens Lucereau, who sympathized with Arnaud Lopez, the father of one of his players, on the grounds of Saint-Pryvé Saint-Hilaire, a National 2 football club. “We have found that a lot of amateur clubs waste energy choosing jerseys and raising money from every business or business in the area,” explains Stevens Lucereau.

On the other hand, big companies want to better support amateur sport, where their customers and their offspring are. “Everyone thrills on a goal from Olivier Giroud in the France team. But the emotion is tremendously stronger when it’s your child who scores a goal on a Saturday morning. All the sponsors know it ”, summarizes Stevens Lucereau.

Supported by the Lab’O

In a year and a half, All Sponsored has convinced five: two Caisses d’Epargne, Loire Center and Aquitaine Poitou Charentes, Citroën Orléans dealerships, Laiterie Saint-Denis de l’Hotel (LSDH) and Crédit Agricole Center Loire. They have supplied outfits to more than 200 football, basketball, handball and volleyball clubs.

Obviously, as the outfits are taken care of, many are interested. But each sponsor chooses the type of partnership. LSDH favors handball clubs in Loiret. Already a partner of the Blues, Crédit Agricole has chosen football.

Savings for clubs

“This opportunity has allowed us to develop the club and save our resources on the price of shirts”, testifies José Soares, director of the Omnisport association Escale Orléans. “Some clubs have benefited from up to 5,000 euros in endowments,” said Stevens Lucereau.

Welcomed within the Orleans incubator Le Lab’O, the 27-year-old leader, who was destined for a sports teaching staff, benefits from a support program: “It helped me with marketing and we are going to develop our offers, adding events, and seeking national sponsors ”.

Thanks to a first turnover, All Sponsored recruited a work-study student. The start-up has just commissioned a study from the CSA institute which gives it a massive argument: 82% of families where one of the members practices amateur sport know the club’s partners.

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