All-Star Love 3 / “All-Star Games” emotional spider web

The red team leader Jiang Hongjie (left), the second season macro team member Xi Weilun (middle), and the blue team member Caizi (right) all had different emotional results because of participating in the show. (Photo/Retrieved from Facebook)

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Since the launch of the sports reality show “All-Star Games”, there have been constant topics, and there have been many scandals among the players, including Zhou Yutian and Xi Weilun, Caizi and He Mengyuan in the second season. Even the team leader Jiang Hongjie couldn’t escape this emotional spider web. In the first season, Ai Fukuhara was asked to help the show platform, and the last two stood in the ring.

After the end of the first season in January this year, Jiang Hongjie reported that he had married Fukuhara Ai. The two denied it for the first time, but in March the woman was photographed dating a male friend overnight in Japan. The couple announced their divorce on July 8.

Xi Weilun was attacked by this magazine and hugged and kissed Zhou Yutian in the park late at night, but the woman and the man’s ex-girlfriend Chen Jingxuan were friends, and it was only through Chen Jingxuan’s introduction that they met Zhou Yutian, and her girlfriend’s love changed in this life.

Caizi, who interacted with Qiu Fengze, cheated on the enemy team member and good sister Doudou’s boyfriend He Mengyuan. They exchanged ambiguous messages and were caught. After the incident broke out, the two voluntarily withdrew from the show, and the woman was also terminated by the agency.


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