«All the Time»: Jessy Lanza en route libre

Bouncy blippy bass, sun-bleached soul and deep disco in love: All the Time, when he appeared in the heart of February by the miracle of a secret player, made us say, without hesitation, that the spring record was all found. Then what was not supposed to happen happened all the same, and the third album of the Canadian Jessy Lanza, like many others, was postponed until “later”, when the pandemic would have dissipated, when the record stores would have reopened, that we would finally be deconfined in the delicious air of summer. Worse, the musician was in Europe, in the middle of a tour, when everything stopped. Her last concert, on March 11, at Space 289 in Bethnal Green, London, was one of the last to be held in an enclosed space in the British capital before it crashed into the lockdown. And the galley was just beginning. “Trump announced the border closure. We crashed back to New York. Our lease ended at the end of March and we tried to find an apartment to move into, but everything was being confined. We put our things in a storage room and hit the road. ”

Direction San Francisco, towards the beautiful house of the in-laws. With six days of crossing, all the same, in a country on the verge of extinction of fires, motels included. “We went through Texas, to drop off a friend, and we were able to rest a bit. But those six days were very strange. An intense, extreme moment. ” As we speak, Jessy Lanza is confined, comfortably enough to have returned to work – creative – in a bubble of nature near Silicon Valley; but she is the first to be surprised that the songs ofAll the Time, and her wallet, which shows her at the wheel of a car parked on a motorway rest area, can be so precisely prescient of what she has been going through since the start of the health crisis. «Anyone Around, Baby and many other songs on the record talk about the feeling of loneliness and isolation that you often feel in spite of common sense, having the feeling that nothing in the world will be able to come and relieve it. However, I have a companion, a family I am close to. It intrigues me all the more to know where such an abstract and overwhelming feeling can come from, today that so many people in the world literally cannot date. ”

«Rage». Double-sided to the music of this artist from the Ontario city of Hamilton, where a certain Caribou also started, and whose sad and funky songs came to us through London’s most iconic bass music label, Hyperdub. Since Kathie Lee in 2013, the first pocket tube with a tempo close to the beat of the heart during the nap, Jessy Lanza accompanies us in the chiaroscuro moments of existence, those where we dance alone, numb desires, without nothing more to expect the next day. However All the Time announced itself with a funny and carried away song, Lick in Heaven, where it is a question of attacking onlookers, for no reason, because the world is revolting enough to justify all the outbursts of anger. A fortiori when you are a woman, all the more so active in electronic music, where until recently you did not hear for a second that the one behind the microphone could also be the one who had composed, conceived, sound-designed her songs. : “I have so much rage and frustration that I am unable to pinpoint the exact origin. Still, I feel like the amount of anger I’m feeling is justified, and equivalent to what I’ve been through. ”

The edge ofAll the Time, unexpected in these times when electronic r’n’b records arrive at the rate of half a hundred a year, is also due to its plastic, full of epiphanies that sparkle in the ear, as if off a record avant-garde who was only waiting to lend his inventions to this fan of Sade so that the world of music can move forward with the same step, in the right direction. Reverb blasts stopped dead, a gender-changing voice, charleys like cork balls bouncing off a nylon sheet – you never get bored listening or re-listening All the Time, because Jessy Lanza did everything not to get bored while recording it. “It’s a playful record, because before writing my depressing lyrics I experimented a lot with modular synthesizers plugged into each other, tinkering with musical phrases and turning the knobs. Just making two machines communicate together is a game worth spending time on. It’s so fun. ”

“Toys”. Like its predecessors, All the Time was finalized with Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys, another inventor from Ontario who has done a lot for electronic funk over the past decade. Who, it could not have been better, had just finished installing his studio full of wonderful machines from the future and the past. “He’s already a perfectionist in normal times… But now he wanted everyone to know that he had plenty of new toys. If that can get him some publicity. “ And since the pandemic will last, Jessy Lanza almost mourned – we almost said – to play All the Time in concert. Unless he was invited to play outdoors, here and there – with the exception of St. Louis, Missouri, one of the first states to re-permit concerts, with disastrous results as we know, and where she played one of the worst gigs of her life. Those who are tempted to incorporate their sense of loneliness into that of the record will therefore be advised, until further notice, to listen to it on headphones, at home, on public transport or in their car. “It’s a good way to spend time with an album, to listen to it well. As long as cars exist, I put everything on car radios. There is hope in hitting the road, regardless. ”

Olivier Lamm

Jessy Lanza

All the Time (Hyperdub).


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