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All the tips for taking an ideal nap


Contrary to popular belief, the nap is not just for children
. This practice allows everyone, from children to adults, to recover and regain all one’s vigilance
. In the show Well done for you

, Doctor Patrick Lemoine, author of the book Doctor, it hurts my sleep: To sleep naturally, gives all the keys to achieving the ideal nap.

No more than 20 minutes for insomniacs

“The ideal nap is the one that gives the most pleasure”, first indicates the doctor on Europe 1, believing that everyone can find their own rhythm. However, he warns people affected by insomnia or depression: “No more than 20 minutes, because a longer nap takes away the sleep capital the following night.”

Patrick Lemoine also advises the “chrono-rigid”, people who do not like changes of pace, not to take naps longer than 20 minutes. “If it’s morning and you get up too late, your head hurts and you can be in a very bad mood,” he explains.

Take a 30-second micro-nap

Patrick Lemoine writes in his book that a 30-second nap is also enough to recover well. To do this, he gives a simple tip: “We read on the Internet a very beautiful poem by Salvador Dali. After eating, he would sit in an armchair, he would take a bunch of keys between his thumb and forefinger, and put on a plate. on the floor. When he fell asleep his fingers spread, the keys fell on his plate and it woke him up. “

Longer naps for early risers

Many French people, like host Julia Vignali, get up very early in the morning and may have trouble getting back to sleep. “If you have to get up early for work reasons, it is in your interest to sleep early of course, and you can even take a good nap for more than 20 minutes during the day because that allows you to pay off the sleep debt which is inevitable” , assures the doctor, stressing that we can also recover on weekends. “It is the fishing that we have during the day that allows us to know if the sleep is correct,” he adds.

In any position

“The position is not important” to take a nap, says Patrick Lemoine. “There are a lot of people who work in the office who put their heads on their arms for a few moments and it works perfectly well. The important thing is to pass out.”

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