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Among the anti-Covid measures, the suspension of the liability insurance for cars and motorcycles has been confirmed. How does it work?

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A possibility certainly not to be wasted: The deadline for the suspension of car liability insurance installments due to Covid has been extended. A valid option that allows those who are in difficulty at the moment, or those who work in smartworking and no longer use the car, to suspend the premium to be paid for insurance coverage.

How does the suspension of the insurance work?

Is it possible to ask to block the insurance installments? The answer is yes!
According to current legislation Ivass (supervisory institute for insurance) it is possible to freeze, for a short period, the insurance installments, when the vehicle is not used for a certain period of time. A solution widely used in winter especially for motorcycles: the insurance is suspended in order to save a few euros for not using the vehicle, the insurance coverage will resume at the end of the months indicated, at the time of reactivation. The coverage is valid from midnight of the day in which suspension is requested to the day in which reactivation is requested. During that time, the car is not covered for any damage or theft. It is therefore advisable to keep the vehicle in a private place.
But how does it work in detail?

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How to suspend the insurance and take advantage of the Covid extension.

With travel reduced to a minimum, many citizens have wondered how to suspend insurance.
The freezing procedure is necessarily expressed if provided for in the contractual conditions of the insurance company, it is not automatic. To proceed with the suspension, simply notify your insurer by filling out the form on the website or by sending an email to the chosen company. The suspension procedure can be requested several times during the year. Always check in the regulations of your insurance, how many times you can use the service.

How do I reactivate the suspended insurance?

Once the insurance is suspended, how can I reactivate it? It’s very simple: just communicate it to your reference agency who will forward the request to the company. The car liability insurance will be active again starting from midnight. The blocking of this does not preclude the stop of the ancillary guarantees for theft or fire. We remind you that both freezing and reactivation services are free.

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