All winners of the regional governor and mayors primary elections

Were 418,685 votes reported by the Electoral Service in municipal and regional governor primaries that took place this Sunday.

Four pacts – Broad Front, Constituent Unit, Chile Vamos and Ecologistas e Independientes – made various names available to citizens so that they could choose the final candidates that the blocks will lead to the elections on April 11.

The day was not without controversy because almost 6 percent of the total tables could not be constituted due to a lack of members -what will be denounced before the Justice by the Servel-, which ended up depriving some voters of exercising their right to vote.

Anyway, it also left interesting results, like the triumphs of Rodrigo Mundaca, leader of Modatima, and the former rector Aldo Valle in the primary of governors of the Broad Front and the Constituent Unit, respectively, for Valparaiso.

O the wide victory of former mayor Claudio Orrego (DC) in that of governors in the Metropolitan Region: With 44,879 preferences, he added more votes than his two contenders together – Álvaro Erazo and Helia Molina – and than the three cards, together, from the Frente Amplio primary – where he won Karina Oliva, from Commons-. In fact, the vote of the Constituent Unit, with 84,215, more than doubled in votes for the FA, which accumulated 34,042 in the region.

Check here the list of all the winners:


There were primaries for governors in the 16 regions of the country, but not for all the pacts in each of them.

Arica and Parinacota

  • Constituent Unit: Jorge Diaz (DC)


  • Wide Front: José Miguel Carvajal (Common)
  • Constituent Unit: Marco Antonio Pérez (Ind)
  • Chile Let’s go: Jorge Fistonic (UDI)


  • Constituent Unit: Ricardo Diaz (Ind)
  • Chile Let’s go: Marco Antonio Diaz (RN)


  • Constituent Unit: Carlo Pezo (IND)
  • Chile Let’s go: Fernando Ghiglino (RN)


  • Constituent Unit: Ricardo Cifuentes (DC)
  • Chile Let’s go: Marco Antonio Sulantay (UDI)


  • Wide Front: Rodrigo Mundaca (Ind)
  • Constituent Unit: Aldo Valle (Ind)


  • Wide Front: Karina Oliva (Common)
  • Constituent Unit: Claudio Orrego (DC)


  • Constituent Unit: Pablo Silva (PS)


  • Constituent Unit: Cristina Bravo (DC)
  • Chile Let’s go: George Bordachar (RN)


  • Constituent Unit: Oscar Chrysostom (PS)


  • Constituent Unit: Eric Aedo (DC)

The Araucanía

  • Constituent Unit: Eugenio Tuma (PPD)
  • Ecologists and independent: Luis Levi (Independent)

The rivers

  • Constituent Unit: Luis Cuvertino (PS)
  • Chile Let’s go: Maria Jose Gatica (RN)

The lakes

  • Wide Front: Jaime Sáez (RD)
  • Constituent Unit: Patricio Vallespín (DC)


  • Constituent Unit: Andrea Macías (PS)
  • Chile Let’s go: Raúl Rudolph (RN)


  • Constituent Unit: Jorge Flies (Independent)


In the case of city halls, primaries were held in 36 communes of the country, spread over 13 regions – there were none in Arica and Parinacota, Los Lagos and Magallanes-.

Tarapacá region

  1. Chile Let’s go: Daniela Solari (Independent)

Antofagasta region

  1. Chile Let’s go: Roberto Soto (UDI)

Atacama region

  1. Chile Let’s go: Maximiliano Barrionuevo (Independent)
  1. Chile Let’s go: Pedro Ogalde (Independent)

Coquimbo region

  1. Chile Let’s go: Pedro Castillo (UDI)

Valparaíso region

  1. Chile Let’s go: Jorge Valdovinos (Independent)
  1. Chile Let’s go: Margarita Velez (UDI)
  1. Wide Front: Verónica Barrera (Social Convergence)
  1. Wide Front: Valeria Melipillán (Social Convergence)
  1. Chile Let’s go: Dino Lotito (RN)
  1. Chile Let’s go: Carlos Bannen (UDI)
  1. Wide Front: Cristián Luna (Independent)
  1. Wide Front: Macarena Ripamonti (RD)

Metropolitan region

  1. Chile Let’s go: Alejandro Almendares (Independent)
  1. Chile Let’s go: Patricia Acevedo (UDI)
  1. Chile Let’s go: Cristóbal Lira (UDI)
  1. Wide Front: Tomás Vodanovic (RD)
  2. Ecologists and independent: Viviana Delgado (Independent)
  1. Wide Front: Juan Pablo Sanhueza (Common)
  2. Chile Let’s go: Felipe Mora (UDI)
  1. Wide Front: Erika Martínez (Independent)
  1. Chile Let’s go: Camila Merino (Evópoli)
  1. Wide Front: Luis Valenzuela (RD)
  2. Chile Let’s go: Eva Vargas (Independent)
  1. Chile Let’s go: Rodrigo Contreras (UDI)

O’Higgins Region

  1. Chile Let’s go: Felix Sánchez (RN)
  1. Chile Let’s go: Héctor Labbé (UDI)
  1. Chile Let’s go: Gonzalo Ortega (UDI)
  1. Chile Let’s go: Maria Cavieres (UDI)

Maule region

  1. Chile Let’s go: Macarena Pons (Independent)
  1. Chile Let’s go: Williams Valenzuela (Evópoli)

Ñuble region

  1. Chile Let’s go: Rodrigo Arzola (Independent)

Bio bio region

  1. Green Ecologist: Ximena Larenas (Independent)
  1. Chile Let’s go: Juan Spoerer (Evópoli)

Araucania region

  1. Chile Let’s go: José Barría (Independent)
  1. Chile Let’s go: Raúl Henríquez (RN)
  1. Chile Let’s go: Daniel Schmidt (Ind)
  2. Ecologists and Independents: Jessica Méndez (Independent)

River region

  1. Chile Let’s go: Jésica Barrientos (Evópoli)

Aysén region

  1. Chile Let’s go: Eugenio Canales (Independent)


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