All you need to know about liver cancer

There are many different types of cancerous diseases that affect the health of the body and cause severe pain and fatigue, and liver cancer is considered one of the most dangerousfor carcinoid tumorsAnd within the series of Q&A topics, “The Seventh Day” presents everything you need to know about liver cancer, according to the website mayoclinic :

What are the symptoms of liver cancer?

1: Lose weight without trying to do it.

2: Loss of appetite.

3: Pain in the upper abdomen.

4: Nausea and vomiting.

5: General weakness and exhaustion.

6: Flatulence in the abdomen.

7: Yellowing of your skin and the whites of your eyes.

What are the causes of liver cancer?

Liver cancer begins when liver cells change their DNA, and the DNA inside the cell is the substance that gives instructions for every chemical process that takes place in the body. Scope of control, eventually forming a tumor, ie a mass of cancer cells.

Usually, the cause of liver cancer is known, as occurs in chronic hepatitis infections, but sometimes liver cancer occurs even though there are no underlying diseases and their causes aren’t clear.

What are the risk factors?

Factors that increase the risk of primary liver cancer include the following

  • Chronic infection with hepatitis virus Bor hepatitis virus C Chronic infection with hepatitis virus Bor hepatitis virus Cincreases the risk of liver cancer,.

  • Cirrhosis: This advanced, incurable disease causes scar tissue to form in the liver and increases the chances of developing liver cancer

  • Some hereditary liver diseases. Liver diseases that can increase the risk of liver cancer include hemochromatosis and Wilson’s disease.

  • Diabetes. People with a blood sugar disorder are more likely to develop liver cancer than people who don’t have diabetes.

  • Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. The accumulation of fat in the liver increases the risk of developing liver cancer.

  • Excessive alcohol use. Drinking a large amount of alcohol daily over the course of years can cause irreversible liver damage and increase your risk of liver cancer.

What are the ways to prevent liver cancer?

Maintain a healthy weight If your current weight is healthy, work to maintain it by choosing a healthy diet and exercising most days of the week.

Get vaccinated against hepatitis B

You can reduce the risk of hepatitis B By receiving the hepatitis B vaccine B. The vaccine can be given to almost anyone, including infants, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems.

Follow the hepatitis prevention standards C


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