All you need to know about the new “Legends” of FUT!

What are the icons of Fifa 21?

In Fifa 20, in the Ultimate Team mode there will be some champions of the past, symbolic men, from which the name of “Icons”. They actually replace the “Legends”, special cards that until Fifa 17 were exclusive to Xbox consoles.

Will there be all the legends in Fifa 20 in Fifa 21?

In the image published by EA Sports all 90 icons present in FIFA 20 appear to which the 11 new ones are added that bring the total to 101 (and not 100 as initially announced by Electronic Arts). At the moment we don’t know if this is an error or not. In doubt were the presences of Van Basten (for lo same reason which had led to its removal for a few months on FIFA 20) and Ronaldinho (due to the known legal events) but both are confirmed. It should be noted that in the section of the EA Sports website dedicated to iconic goalkeepers, Lehmann is missing, which however is present in the summary image.

How many versions of each icon will be available?

Each icon will be available in 4 different versions, Base, Media, Prime andPrime Moments”Which made its debut in FIFA 19. The Prime Moments versions may refer to a different moment in the career than in previous editions.

How does the agreement with the Icons work in Fifa 21?

The mechanism is always the same

  • Perfect understanding with players of the same nationality (green link)
  • “Simple” understanding with the other players (orange link).

How are the icons selected? Why hasn’t EA Sports added the .. icon yet?

One of the questions we most often receive on our social profiles is that relating to the absence among the icons of some players who have certainly entered the history of football, such as Francesco Totti The David Beckham. It is important to underline that in order for a player who is no longer in activity to be included in the game, it is necessary to enter into a contract with the player himself (or with the heirs in the case of athletes no longer alive) for the transfer of image rights. Some players, see for example Beckham’s case, currently have exclusive contracts with PES and therefore cannot be included in other videogames at the moment.

It should be emphasized that Electronic Arts relies on the agency’s “legends” for the management and acquisition of image rights Football Champions Tour, agency known above all for having dealt in previous years in exhibition tournaments with some of the champions of the past, such as the one called Star Sixes, held in 2017 and 2019

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