All your questions about respiratory infections

Acute respiratory infections represent several million cases each year in our country…

Very frequent respiratory infections in autumn and winter such as bronchitis, most often viral…

Like pneumonia, most often of bacterial origin…

Like bronchiolitis, which doesn’t just affect infants…

We will also discuss the aggravations of COPD… COPD which mainly affects smokers…

We will wonder if it is possible to prevent these respiratory infections, and how to reduce their impact on our body.

We will also be interested in treatments, why we must avoid taking anti-inflammatories in self-medication, and which plants to take in addition.

Our experts are waiting for all your questions on 01 45 24 7000.


Dr. Lyath Guetta. Pulmonologist in Paris at the Hôtel-Dieu Hospital (AP-HP).

Arnault Pfersdorff. Pediatrician-resuscitator in Strasbourg. Founder of pediatre-online, platform for pediatric advice and podcasts.

📖 “You, Parent”, Hatier, October 5, 2022

Caroline Fine. Dietitian-nutritionist and phyto-aromatherapist.

📖 “I make my healing herbal teas – Gastric acidity, allergies, osteoarthritis, cellulite, cholesterol… 300 homemade infusions and decoctions for all everyday problems” (co-written with Dr Patrick Aubé, Editions Leduc, September 13, 2022 .

📖 “My natural health: complete naturopathic initiation manual to cultivate your health independently” (co-written with Charlotte Jacquet), Leduc, September 21, 2021.

Anne-Laure Lebrun. Freelance science journalist. Vice-president of the freelance collective “Les Incorrigibles”.

📖 His file “What to choose / Health – Bronchitis and pneumonia – Treat them best” in issue 177 / December 2022.

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