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Kochi: Former mayor Tony Chammani has filed a defamation suit against the police in connection with the car crash of actor Joju George during a protest against the fuel price hike. He said in a press conference that the police had pressured the first accused to confess.

The court granted bail to five accused in the case, including Tony Chammany. Former mayor Tony Chammini, Youth Congress state secretaries PY Shahjahan and Manu Jacob, Thammanam constituency president Georges and Thrikkakara Congress constituency former president Sheriff Buhari have been granted bail.

The Ernakulam First Class Judicial Magistrate’s Court had yesterday completed the hearing on the bail plea of ​​the accused including Tony Chammini.

Youth Congress state secretary PY Shahjahan, constituency president Arun Varghese and Vyttila Autorickshaw Workers Union INTUC leader Joseph George, who surrendered at the Maratha police station yesterday, are also in remand. The case is against eight people in the case of smashing Jojo’s car.

The dispute with actor Jojo George erupted during the Youth Congress’ strike last week against the fuel price hike. Jojo’s car was attacked in response to a traffic jam following the strike. Congress leaders, through Jojo’s friends, tried to reconcile the incident. But Jojo joined the party in the case. With this the possibility of consensus was closed.

The Mahila Congress had yesterday marched to the Maradu police station to protest against the police for not taking up the case against Joju. Inaugurating the protest, Bindu Krishna, former president of the Mahila Congress, said that Joju George had jumped into the fray like a Left goonda.

Excessive rates for Kovid checks at airports: Expatriate lone strike in protest

Qatari expatriate protests against overcharging for Kovid test at airports in Kerala Airports charge Rs 2,499 for a rapid PCR test. Expatriate Shamsu Patannakkara is protesting against this.

According to Shamsu Pathanakkara, a native of Thalassery, expatriates heading to the UAE are the main culprits.

“When a friend left Kannur airport the other day, it became clear how the exorbitant rate was affecting the expatriates. The friend did not even have the money for the test at the airport. He had to take the money from the ATM and give it to his friend,” Shamsu told News18.

Currently, if you want to go to the UAE, you have to take a PCR test within 48 hours of leaving. In addition to this, the rapid PCR test from the airport is excessive.

“The result comes at least 45 minutes after the test. Only then do you get the boarding pass,” says Shamsu. Shamsu has lodged a complaint with the Kannur International Airport authorities regarding the discounting of the Rapid PCR test. But Shamsu’s reply was that he should be contacted at the ministerial level.

Officials explained that the airport was not receiving the money and that the agencies had been given permission to conduct the test.

Shamsu staged a one-man protest at his home in Thalassery. Excessive rates at the airport for rapid PCR tests from expatriates heading to the UAE
The protesters demanded that the central and state governments intervene to stop the levy. The protest received huge support on social media. Shamsu is an employee of a private supermarket in Qatar.


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