“Allowing two more people at Christmas would not have wavered the figures”, according to Yves Van Laethem

The interfederal spokesperson believes that the authorities “missed the opportunity to be human. “

UA couple can receive one person, a single person can receive two. That makes three people out of the kids on both sides and it kind of puts everyone on a level playing field. That being said, I don’t think allowing two more people for couples would have been a big deal. We could have done it! »Wonders Yves Van Laethem. The interfederal spokesperson spoke about the decisions of the Consultative Committee to our colleagues at La Derniere Heure.

“The consultation committee did not want to legally authorize it, knowing full well that in any case, many people will not respect it. Around me, I hear people saying: no, we won’t be ten, but four or five. “

For the scientist, no university model shows that two more people at Christmas “would change everything. “If it exists, I would like it to be shown to me. There is a desire on the part of the government to be tough all the time, and, some will tell you, not to be human one day. But maybe it’s my Latin, French-speaking side that speaks. They missed the opportunity to be human. Allowing two more people would not have rocked the numbers or derailed the train. But psychologically, it would have been much better received by the population. “


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