Almost 3,000 companies in Castilla y León closed in March during the state of alarm

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The declaration of the state of alarm by the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, in the middle of last March, on the 14th specifically, had its immediate impact on the business fabric of Castilla y León. Despite efforts to maintain an economic hibernation, the truth is that in 15 days of confinement in March almost 3,000 Social Security companies were terminated with a loss of more than 27,000 jobs, reports Ical.

The official figures provided by the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration leave no doubt about the tremendous economic cost that the viral pandemic will bring. The month of March closed with 64,994 companies from Castilla y León contributing to Social Security, 2,937 less than those who paid in February (67,931), with a percentage decrease of 4.3 percent. The data goes back to the Community, to figures of two decades ago (in 2001 there were 65,071).

The closings were accompanied by a brutal loss of employment for a single month, since at March 31, these activities were listed by 621,306 workers, which is 27,026 less than in February, with a percentage decrease of 4.2 percent.

The president of the Confederation of Business Organizations of Castilla y León (Cecale), Santiago Aparicio, considered the data “discouraging”, although he warned that these figures may be “laughable with what can happen if the company is not helped”.

Aparicio defended that the economy “cannot be hibernated” and must be “oiled” and producing so as not to experience a “catastrophe”, when an impact on GDP of between 10 and 14 percentage points is already expected.

The Social Security figures show that the tertiary sector, services, suffered the greatest loss of companies in relation to the previous month, with 2,182 fewer activities, up to a total of 45,988.

Likewise, construction saw 599 companies disappear, to close the month with 6,565 contributors. The industry, which ended the month with 6,675 activities, 121 fewer, and the primary sector, which closed with 5,766 companies, 35 less, registered less impact. .


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