Almost $ 40 million robbers took away after a violent door slam in La Herradura


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The PDI investigates a violent door strike in the La Puntilla sector of La Herradura, in the Coquimbo region, a few kilometers from the regional capital. Between money and a high-cost car, the assailants escaped with $ 40 million.

Detectives are looking for a group of six individuals who acted with great violence, entering a family home. From there they took around 18.5 million pesos between pesos and dollars, in addition to an Audi car.

Likewise, the criminals abandoned another vehicle at the site of the slamming, which they stole from another family on July 22, from La Serena.

According to the police records, when the victim arrived at her home, she was intercepted by six individuals apparently carrying firearms.

Slam with violence and valuable loot

While some of the assailants intimidated and even beat the victim to take a white Audi-brand vehicle -valued in the sum of $ 20 million-, the others entered the home to intimidate and tie the family group with plastic ties.

The group of subjects, after touring the building, managed to steal $ 18 million of cash and 2,000 USD from the inside.

After closing the door, they abandoned the vehicle in which they arrived, a Toyota brand, a Yaris model. The car was stolen from another family, on July 22, from La Serena.

Inspector Miguel Meneses, from the La Serena Robbery Investigation Brigade, pointed out that “in accordance with the requirement made by the Public Ministry, the officers of this Brigade are carrying out the greatest number of investigative and criminal analysis procedures to find the whereabouts of the perpetrators of the crime ”.

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