Almost half of wedding guests were infected with covid-19, including the bride and groom

Dozens of guests who attended Mikayla and Anthony’s wedding contracted COVID-19. The Cincinnati Dam, United States, have reported that half of the family and friends were infected with coronavirus.

The newly-married couple expressed that despite having antibacterial gel, masks and having all the biosafety protocols in mind in the months, 32 of the 83 attendees tested ‘positive’ for covid. Among those sick with the virus are three of his grandparents, two of whom had to be hospitalized.

The Mikayla and Anthony express regret after learning about the shoots, both announced on WLWT that the guests did not keep their distance, neither to eat nor to go out to dance, and that they lowered the number of guests.

Mikayla said: “The first thing I see is everyone’s face. And that’s when I realized, nobody was wearing masks. ” Days later they began to receive calls from family and friends to announce that they were infected.

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The couple developed symptoms after driving to a cabin in North Carolina for their honeymoon. Anthony said he only lost his sense of taste and smell. Mikayla expressed that she felt very discouraged, she did not get up from the sofa.


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