almost normal TGV traffic, improving in Parisian public transport

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At 44e day of strike against pension reform, train traffic will “Almost normal” Friday, January 17, while in Ile-de-France, one train out of two will run on RER A and B, SNCF and RATP said.

The circulation of TER “Will improve significantly” with 8 out of 10 TER trains, now 75% insured by train (the rest by bus), announces the SNCF.

We will count 9 TGV out of 10, and traffic “Normal” on the North Axis and the Eurostar.

Three Transilien out of 4 will run, with one train out of two on RER A and B, but a higher proportion on the other lines. During rush hour, there will be two trains out of three on RER A and B, with interconnection assured at Nanterre-Préfecture and Gare du Nord, specifies the RATP.

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Metro: only three lines with normal traffic

While no line on the Paris metro is completely closed, most are still operating with less traffic, reduced hours and large stations closed.

Like Thursday, only three lines will experience normal traffic, the 1 and 14 which are automatic, and the 11.

Five more will operate on normal operating hours (5:30 a.m. to 1:30 a.m.) but with fewer trains than usual and sometimes closed stations.

The other lines will only operate at certain times.

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