AlphaTauri F1 vs Fernando Alonso: The Blind Man Controversy Explained

2023-06-18 11:51:00

Scuderia AlphaTauri counterattacked Fernando Alonso’s camp, who ridiculed Yuki Tsunoda as “blind” a few minutes after the start of the third free practice session of the F1 Canadian GP. Fernando Alonso, briefly held back by the slow Yuki Tsunoda, said on the radio, ‘Who’s the blind man on the AlphaTauri? ‘ and his engineer said, ‘The blind man is Tsunoda. Tsunoda.” I got on this exchange international video.

Yuki Tsunoda suffered two spins early in the session, which was chaotic in wet conditions. However, AlphaTauri reacted to Alonso’s comments on social media after Hiroki Tsunoda briefly took the lead in FP3. “Blind man is now P1,” AlphaTauri posted. the blind guy is currently P1 @yukitsunoda07— Scuderia AlphaTauri (@AlphaTauriF1) June 17, 2023

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