Alpine associations in the border area want to cooperate more closely with their offers

At a cross-border section meeting of the Alpine Clubs in Schärding, regional leaders agreed on closer cooperation. Schärding’s head of the Alpine Club, Rudi Wagner, and Passau’s DAV board member, Lothar Schramm, suggested a joint newsletter intended to bring more information and synergy effects to the local groups on both sides of the border.

From time to time there is a ski tour from Passau that is already fully booked, including a waiting list – although there are still places available for a similar tour in neighboring Schärding. Here one wants to cooperate more, especially since there are even more ski tour guides in Schärding than in Passau.

Joint tours

In any case, Schärdinger tour guides Franz Haslehner and Norbert Prey could well imagine joint tours. However, getting to know each other beforehand is important. In any case, everything would be regulated legally, since the insurance conditions of German and Austrian alpine clubs are the same, according to Lothar Schramm from DAV Passau. There are also travel opportunities by minibuses from Schärding.

The website of the respective local groups should be accessed quickly and promptly. A special link to this is currently being prepared. The joint platform should benefit all members, the five clubs represented at the “border meeting” look after more than 13,000 members: Passau around 7000, Straubing 3300, Pfarrkirchen 1700, Schärding 900 and Griesbach-Pocking 700.


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