Alpine skiing: Slalom women for Levi in ​​good spirits

Having just returned from the four-day training session in Kaabdalis, a charter plane from Zurich took us back to the Far North on Wednesday. Due to the coronavirus situation, it was necessary to interrupt the trip to Lapland in order to fly to Kittilä near Levi in ​​the World Cup “bubble”.

In Sweden they worked on icy-hard slopes for two days before it got warmer for the second half of the course. “On Sunday we even had to add salt,” reported Zöchling, who was able to gain a lot from the training in different conditions.

“You have to stay flexible”

Zöchling told the APA that his runners had learned to deal with the regular Covid 19 tests. “I also don’t notice that the whole situation affects them psychologically. We are all realistic. The situation is as it is, you have to remain flexible. ”You are also used to that, because in an outdoor sport everything can quickly change.

GEPA/Wolfgang Grebien

According to Zöchling (r.), The ÖSV technicians are coping well with the coronavirus situation

“If we looked in the past, where are good training conditions, good slopes, where is the weather right, we now also had to see that it went well with Covid. We selected areas where we had apartments. And we avoided inclined elevators and large-capacity gondolas. ”They have made their contribution to safety and have designed everything as best as possible to keep the risk as low as possible. “I’m happy and glad that my team got through well.” Statistically, however, it is only a matter of time before it hits one.

Season planning created normally

According to the calendar of the International Ski Federation (FIS), the season planning was made as usual. “Looking forward to something, working towards it, explaining goals, that’s important,” said Zöchling, knowing full well that everything could turn out differently quickly. The third World Cup stadium after Sölden and Levi is Lech / Zürs with a parallel giant slalom on November 26th. Before that, you will train for two days in western Austria.

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