Already 158 dead and 6,000 injured after explosion in Beirut

25 people have been found among the rubble in Beirut. This is reported by an official from the Lebanese Ministry of Health. Another 21 people are said to be missing four days after the explosion in the port that left more than 150 people dead.

The identities of the 25 people found under the rubble have yet to be established, an official from the Lebanese Ministry of Health said. The number of missing was adjusted to 21. The search is still ongoing.

The death toll is currently at 158. The Health Ministry said on Friday that at least 120 of the more than 6,000 people injured in Tuesday’s explosion are still in mortal danger.

Great funeral ceremony

The Lebanese made preparations on Saturday for a large funeral ceremony for the victims of the explosion. The mass funeral will be held Saturday afternoon under the motto “Justice for the victims, retaliation for the government.”

‘The Lebanese people will mourn there. We don’t want to see politicians there, ‘the organizers told the dpa news agency. ‘It will be a day of grief and sorrow.

Friday night is a C-130 cargo plane with urgent medical and humanitarian equipment from the military airport in Melsbroek left for Beirut.


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