Alsatian vaccination centers will increase their capacity

A health defense council is to be held this Wednesday around Emmanuel Macron in a context of very strong epidemic recovery. Incidence rates in Alsace are increasing at an exponential rate : there are more than 264 in Haut-Rhin, 231 in Bas-Rhin. Faced with this 5th wave, the government is betting more than ever on vaccination and on the 3rd booster dose. Suddenly, there is no longer any question of closing vaccination centers in Alsace.

The centers will adapt their operation

Particularly in the Haut-Rhin, where the11 vaccination centers remain open according to the regional health agency. “All the centers have adapted their operation to the increase in demand: hours, opening days, vaccination lines“, specifies the ARS.

All the Haut-Rhin centers remain open

A vaccination unit will reopen in Obernai

This is also the case in the Bas-Rhin. For example, the stock exchange vaccination center in Strasbourg is in the process of increasing its vaccination lines. Hours will be extended from December 1. In Obernai, where the center recently closed, a branch will finally reopen on December 3. Same thing in Wasselone, closed 3 weeks ago: vaccination will be provided by the territorial professional health community of Mossig vignoble.

the stock exchange vaccination center in Strasbourg will increase its opening hours
the stock exchange vaccination center in Strasbourg will increase its opening hours © Radio France
Emilie Pou

The number of injections doubled in two weeks

Now is the time for mobilization and ramping up, again. It must be said that in two weeks, the number of injections carried out in the centers, but also in doctors and pharmacists has doubled in the Bas-Rhin. Mainly 3rd doses. But also first injections: between 2,000 and 2,500 per week.

More than 2,000 appointments available

The ARS recalls that there is still 2,300 appointments available by Christmas, for first, second injections and 3rd dose boosters for people over 65, medical staff and frail people. The 3rd dose will be open to people over 50 from December 1.

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