Alternative choice: "Yes, moin!" Is the alternative youth word of the year

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"Yes, moin!" Is the alternative youth word of the year

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Youth Word of the Year: Livia Kerp Youth Word of the Year: Livia Kerp

The blogger Livia Kerp did not want to accept the failure of the election

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Actually, there should be no "Youth Word of the Year" in 2019. A 17-year-old from Munich did not want to accept that. She organized a choice herself. An expression of wonderment was chosen.

Als two weeks ago it became known that the election for the "Youth Word of the Year 2019" fails, the regret was amazingly large. All the years since 2008, when the Langenscheidt-Verlag had for the first time selected the most important new expression from the slang of young people by a jury, there had always been a lot of ridicule about the results – both of academic linguists who criticized the unscientific nature of an obvious advertising event , as well as of adolescents who found the chosen terms either too old, too irrelevant or too unknown.

But just with young people, the rejection of the election was now perceived as a gap. The 17-year-old Munich native Livia Kerp writes on her successful blog "Liva Josephine": "The appreciation of the youth word of the year within my generation was, I think, totally underestimated. What the Langenscheidt Verlag initially introduced for marketing reasons in 2008 with the election to the Jugendwort, has now become an integral part of our youth culture and maybe a bit of the whole society. "

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She therefore decided not to simply take the "Youth Word of the Year" away and organized her own election. She is not only called by her age, but also because she herself sat in the jury composed by Langenscheidt from 2016 to 2018.

Some of the co-jurors, who together with Livia Kerp have chosen the alternative Youth Word of the Year, are also members of this body: 16-year-old blogger Mila Hölzle, creator Maximilian Weigt (20), student David Berger and Nadine Nordmann, the editor-in-chief of "Bravo", "Bravo Girl" and "Joy". Added to this were the book blogger Denise Kunze (17), the cartoonist Maxim Christof Seehagen (19) and the association "Zeichen gegen Mobbing", which is committed to schools against mobbing.

Livia Kerp decided against an online survey because it was always easy to manipulate and hack. It had happened or been tried a few times in the past.

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The jury decided on Friday that "yes, moin!" Is the alternative youth word of the year. Livia Kerp explains: "It is an expression of wonderment about something or about someone." The phrase apparently fulfilled the requirements of being creative, new, and well-known.

Livia Kerp also sees the election as a sign: "If the end was good for the official youth word of the year, then for the fact that we young people can also do it on their own to find their own youth word of the year."

Words as promotions

The banal background for the failure of the official election was the purchase of the dictionary publisher Langenscheidt by the rival company Pons. Since the choice was anyway only a barely concealed advertisement for the annually re-launched small dictionary of youth words by Langenscheidt and the dictionary does not appear this year, you can also renounce the promotion.

The young blogger hopes to be able to establish the alternative youth word of the year permanently – regardless of what the two merged dictionary publishers plan: "It should show the 'real' youth word and ultimately a real section of our youth culture."

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