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Biden warns of even more corona deaths from Trump’s blockade

Joe Biden, US President-elect, has Incumbent Donald Trump attacked: Because of that Refusal to initiate handover of government affairs, even more people are at risk of dying after a corona infection, warned Biden. His team must, for example Access to the plans get from which it emerges how more than 300 million Americans vaccinated he said on in his hometown of Wilmington. “This is a huge, huge undertaking.”

The Democrat and former Vice President warned: “If we don’t coordinate, more people could die.” If his team had to wait until the inauguration on January 20 to prepare, it would delay all of this by a month or a month and a half. That is why it is important that the Vote now or “as soon as possible” successes. Typically, the US handover process begins immediately after a new president is elected.

The Republican Trump refuses, howeverto recognize the Democrat’s election victory. His government has therefore not yet initiated the legally required transition. That would give Biden and his team Access to ministries, authorities and confidential information even before taking office the government and intelligence agencies. The transition period from election to swearing-in is more than two months.

Biden was cautiously optimistic that Trump would give in sooner or later. “I hope the president will be a little more clairvoyant before January 20th.” He added that Trump’s stance on blocking is less of a hindrance to his start in office, than that it was “embarrassing” for the country. (dpa)

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