Altice against a change of numbering of TNT channels

The media group gave its opinion in the public consultation launched by the CSA.

As part of a public consultation launched by the CSA, the Altice group (BFM TV, RMC Découverte, RMC Story) declares itself against a change in the numbering of information channels on TNT.

The stopping of the France 0 channel freed channel 19 from TNT, while the scheduled end of France 4, in August 2021, will make channel 14 vacant. The CSA must determine what will happen to these channels. They can remain empty, or on the contrary accommodate channels placed later in the current numbering. Another possibility is to review the entire TNT numbering system to group together the channels of the same theme. Currently split up on channels 15 (BFMTV), 16 (iTélé), 26 (LCI) and 27 (Franceinfo), the news channels could be found next to each other on the remote control.

The Altice group is hostile to these last two scenarios. It is based on an Ipsos poll that it sponsored, showing that 79% of French people refuse that the channel numbers change.

The Altice group also argues that a change in numbering “would call into question the principle of balance and non-discrimination between the chains, guaranteed by the CSA “By upsetting the arrangement of all free channels and disturbing the habits of viewers. “The thematic block dedicated to information would not strengthen the most recent free information channels, which depend on generalist channels with very strong information. On the other hand, the news channels which have invested in DTT since its launch would be weakened, affecting the pluralism of information.», Says Altice, referring to its BFMTV channel.

Altice goes even further by arguing that “a total or partial change in numbering would destabilize the entire audiovisual ecosystem», «would impact the entire French audiovisual and cinematographic sector», And would make video platforms like Netflix the big winners. “In this period of transformation of the television world, it is important for the television channel sector to show great stability», Concludes the media group.


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