Sport Altuna III: "I am not at all worried"

Altuna III: "I am not at all worried"


Jokin Altuna and Ladis Galarza do not know the victory after the first two days of the Couples. However, they are aware that the championship is still very long and there is a lot of fabric left to cut. Asked about whether the current situation generates some concern, Amezketa striker was blunt. «I am not at all worried. If we have five points at the end of the tournament and we go to the street, it doesn't worry me either, ”he said. Believes that despite adding a couple of defeats so far, "we have made good games". "We are getting to know each other and there are many things to improve, but I think we are going to go up," he said.

The Guipuzcoan has experienced situations of all kinds in this competition, so he knows what he is talking about. Last year he started with two wins and then conceded five consecutive losses, so the moment pressure is something that does not appear in your dictionary. "I hope that on Sunday against Irribarria and Rezusta we can turn the situation around," he said.

The two matches they have played have had many similarities. After enduring well in the first part, they have escaped in the second. From his point of view, one of the reasons that have influenced the shock to leave them has been the material. "He has lost liveliness and duels have entered a phase where it is difficult to hurt with a single ball," he said. In this position he considered that his rivals knew how to adapt better to the circumstances "and were superior to us". And in case it is repeated again in the clash they will play in the Astelena pediment of Eibar, "we will have to show that we are improving in that regard," he said.

Altuna III is confident in its possibilities. Throughout the summer together with his current partner they have already shown "that we can scare anyone." «Rivals also think that we are dangerous and can give a lot of war»he warned. He knows that the duel against Arama and Bergara will be complicated, "but you have to play it. Every week the championship changes a lot and the goal is to win so that our dynamics also do it ».

'Urruti' plays on Saturday

Irribarria and Rezusta got it last weekend after tracing the match against Ezkurdia and Martija, so they had a week much quieter than the previous one from the psychological point of view. «It changes a lot after taking us a point that we almost lost and falls asleep better», said the forward of Arama.

The game exhibited in the second part of that game will be the role model for those who will wear blue. «It costs a lot to get games like that, so we played it and everything went well. However, we are aware that it has only been a victory and that we need more to reach the next phase, ”he said. Both couples found what they were looking for in the basket. Altuna III and Rezusta opted for three balls that slide more along the ground, while two of Irribarria and Rezusta are different and have more than frontis and boat output.

On the other hand, Mikel Urrutikoetxea tested his right hand yesterday after last Sunday's Soria game ended with discomfort and could see that it has improved. Zaratamo's trained in the pediment of Miribilla accompanied by Pablo Berazaluze for about 45 minutes and his feelings were good, so he will play on Saturday.




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