Álvaro Barco was sanctioned and will not be able to enter stadiums for four dates in League 1

This Monday the Disciplinary Commission communicated the sanction to Álvaro Barco, Sports Manager of San Martín, after being sent off in the match against Sporting Cristal on September 3 for the date 2 of Phase 2.

According to the document, Álvaro Barco was suspended for four dates and will not be able to enter the stadiums to witness his club’s matches. In addition to having to pay an economic fine of 1 UIT (4,400 soles).

This sanction is based on article 106, numeral 2 of the RUJ-FPF, which establishes: “Any person or authority may inform the competent judicial bodies of conducts that they consider contrary to the FPF regulations or the bases of the respective tournament.” .

It also adds that the arbitration report issued by Kevin Ortega warned of “unsportsmanlike conduct with little qualifications and expletives expressed literally in the aforementioned report by Mr. Álvaro Barco Andrade towards the person of the referee.”

Therefore, finally, the Disciplinary Commission resolved to sanction “Mr. Álvaro Barco Andrade, San Martín de Porres Sports Manager, with four suspension dates as well as the prohibition of access to the stadiums where his sports representation plays while said sanction runs.”

Álvaro Barco will not continue in San Martín:

In recent days, RPP Noticias learned that the Sports Manager of the ‘holy’ team decided to leave office once this season ends. The decision has already been communicated to the San Martín club and, due to a contractual issue, it will only continue until the end of the year.


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