Álvaro López responds to a user who assures that he is still “stuck” with Millaray Viera

Alvaro Lopez used his official Instagram account to congratulate Millaray Viera, face of CHV who recently had a birthday.

The voice of Los Bunkers revolutionized social networks after sharing a photograph of the memory where he poses with the cheerleader, who is his former partner and mother of his daughter.

“Happy Birthday Millita !! I love you so much!! @millarayviera #birthday “, were the words he dedicated to the host of “Yo Soy”.

The post quickly filled with hundreds of comments from fans of the musician. Most highlighted the excellent relationship they have despite not being together, although there were some who confused this good vibes with something else.

Some users assure that the singer does not overcome his relationship with the communicator. “Álvaro is still stuck with the mine hahaha, it shows,” wrote one person, unleashing the ire of the national artist.

“Commenting such stupidity is for me a lack of respect for our daughter and the sincere affection we have for each other, you know?”he wrote back.

Millaray, for her part, responded to the post with a tender message where she expressed that she also had a lot of affection for her daughter’s father. “Cute Wand !!!! Thank you !! I love you too!!! I was healthy in this photo after having Juli “, were his words.


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