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The loudspeaker systems of the Dali RUBICON Series are not only fantastic-sounding, but also extremely elegant solutions, which can be integrated into any living environment. But now Dali Speaker A / S is presenting at least one floor-standing speaker system in a special design variant, namely the Dali RUBICON 6, which is being offered for sale as a limited special model in a matt black version as the Dali RUBICON 6 Black Edition.

The Danish loudspeaker specialist Dali Speaker A/S can, among other things, with the Dali RUBICON Series have an extremely exciting product line. This series presents itself as a very noble loudspeaker line that achieves a remarkable sound level at very attractive prices. Like almost all of the Danes’s product lines, the Dali RUBICON Series is of course very broadly positioned, not only wanting to cover a wide field in the field of classic hi-fi, but also the home cinema sector.

One loudspeaker system from the series stands out as a particularly fine solution, namely the floorstanding loudspeaker system Dali RUBICON 6, which even described as the secret star of the Dali RUBICON Series in a detailed test. In this test, the Dali RUBICON 6 turned out to be a very versatile loudspeaker system, which combines sovereignty in presentation and elegance in appearance with impeccable workmanship, making the advertised price particularly attractive.

Now Dali Speaker A / S is taking exactly that Dali RUBICON 6 as the basis for a special model, which in some essential features represents a real specialty in the range of the Danes.

With the new Dali RUBICON 6 Black Edition Dali Speaker A / S presents a special model of the Dali RUBICON 6 floorstanding loudspeaker system, which is completely black, i.e. not only has a black body, but also a black baffle and – and this is a striking feature – even with the black membranes of the chassis. The special model, which is only available in 444 pairs worldwide, is supposed to appear a bit more elegant, the developers also worked on the crossover and the internal cabling, so that the special model Dali RUBICON 6 Black Edition is also from a technical point of view differs from the production model.

It’s astonishing that Dali Speaker A / S decided to actually use black for the special model Dali RUBICON 6 Black Edition, especially when you consider that the reddish-brown membranes in the series model are a kind of trademark for the company represent. The company Dali Speaker A / S, founded in 1983, has been using special wood fiber membranes in this special color for around 20 years …

Nonetheless, of course the Dali RUBICON 6 Black Edition special model is also made of a special mix of wood fibers with the cones of the mid-range and bass drivers.After all, this material ensures flawless sound thanks to its special properties in conjunction with other exclusive Danish technologies .

Two bass / mid-range drivers with a diameter of 165 mm each are responsible for the Dali RUBICON 6 Black Edition’s corresponding depth and a rich reproduction in the medium frequency range, in conjunction with a rear-acting bass reflex system. A Dali hybrid tweeter is once again responsible for the upper frequencies, which uses a 17 x 45 mm ribbon driver as a super tweeter in addition to a 29 mm fabric dome for the upper frequency range.

After Dali Speaker A / S, as already mentioned, has been using the typically reddish shimmering wood-paper fiber cones for a uniform look for the first time in over 20 years, it is clear that the front panel of the hybrid tweeter made of die-cast aluminum is also in matt Is kept black.

We have already mentioned that it is not just the look that distinguishes the new Dali RUBICON 6 Black Edition from the corresponding production model. The company reports that the internal wiring of the special model is based on pure silver strands, and the crossover is also equipped with particularly high-quality components, such as capacitors from the range of the German high-end specialist Mundorf.

According to the manufacturer, the declared aim was to achieve an even finer resolution in the high and mid-range and to guarantee an even more precise bass reproduction.

From a purely technical point of view, the Dali RUBICON 6 Black Edition is a two-and-a-half-way floor-standing loudspeaker system that can map a frequency range between 38 Hz and 34 kHz. The crossover starts at 800 Hz, 2.6 kHz and 14 kHz. With an impedance of 4 ohms, this solution is designed for amplifiers with a power between 40 and 200 watts, with a sensitivity of 88.5 dB.

The Dali RUBICON 6 Black Edition brings it with dimensions of 990 x 200 x 380 mm to 20.2 kg and is of course delivered with a matching speaker grill in black as well as spikes and rubber feet.

As already mentioned, there will be no more than 444 pairs of the Dali RUBICON 6 Black Edition worldwide, whereby these are individually numbered. So if you are enthusiastic about this special model, you should grab it as soon as possible when it is available in these days. It is also important that this model will be available exclusively from specially authorized dealers at the recommended retail price of € 1,999 per piece.

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