Am I Too On Sale or What?

JAKARTA, – Role artist Sandra Dewi tells the beginning of her love journey with her husband, Harvey Moeis in a video on Daniel Mananta Nework’s YouTube channel.

As quoted on Friday (25/8/2020), Sandra Dewi said that one week after the first meeting, she and Harvey Moeis immediately started dating.

For information, Sandra and Harvey got acquainted for the first time when met by presenter Daniel Mananta.

“It turned out that how exciting it was, then we (with Harvey) exchanged cellphone numbers, had exciting chats. A week later, I usually see boys when I approach them for 6 months. Harvey was already dating a week later,” said Sandra Dewi.

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At that time, Sandra Dewi shared that she immediately felt sure that Harvey was a man who would accompany her life.

“I arrived, ‘I’m too on sale, selling cheap or what?’ How fast is it. Suddenly I really like it, then I feel alive again, “said Sandra Dewi.

“When I met Harvey for the first time, I immediately told my mother ‘this is my soul mate, even though I just met’. I feel like this is my soul mate,” said Sandra continued.

Sandra Dewi and Harvey Moeis finally tied the knot in 2016. Their wedding was held like a royal party in a fairy tale.

Now, Sandra Dewi and Harvey Moeis have two sons, namely Raphael Moeis who was born in 2017, while Mikhael Moeis in 2019.

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