“Amado” enters the hemp market, creating the brand “Amaprai”, an important step in pushing the business to be more than a collagen brand

One of the hottest dietary and vitamin supplement segments in recent times is “Collagen Market” There are many brands entering the competition. one of them is “Amado” (beloved) With a best-selling Champion Product like “Colligi Collagen” or what everyone is familiar with with its golden canned packaging, Amado later expanded its line of nutritional supplements and other vitamins.

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but today “Amado” has placed a new Brand Promise that We live for your healthby the definition of the word Health Not limited to dietary supplements and vitamins. Including not hitting the frame, only collagen products. but to expand on everything related to health

Therefore, the next direction of the Amado empire is Diversify the business covering from dietary supplements and vitamins, product groups. FMCG, electronic products and daily use Inside the house that meets health needs

Recently caught the stream “Hemp” that are going to be the economic crops of Thailand to develop as a dietary supplement for hemp seed oil under a new brand “Amaprai” (amaprai) The name comes from Amado + Herb, which is another important puzzle that makes “Amado” It’s more than a collagen supplement. and penetrate into a variety of health businesses


3 The main strategy of “Amado” drives sales through 2.2 billions within 7 year of establishment!

“Amado Group” Founded by Thanatraichat Phuchok-anan” In 2014, sales during the past 4 years have continued to grow, especially in 2020, which can generate sales of up to 2,218 million baht, growing by leaps and bounds from 2019 with sales of 690 million baht.

  • Sales in 2017 : 222 million baht
  • Sales in 2018 : 176.5 million baht
  • Sales in 2019 : 690.9 million baht
  • Sales in 2020 : 2,218.5 million baht


The key strategies that make “Amado Group” grow sales come from 3 Core Business of the organization is

1. Data

In business for 7 years, “Amado” has collected, managed and analyzed customer data. for use in product development and build relationships with customers to maintain a loyal customer base with repeat purchases Along with expanding the base of new regular customers to be wider. According to data from October 2020 to October 2021, Amado has a regular customer base of 1.8 million.

2. Distribution Channel

Amado’s sales channel started from “online” and created the company’s own online sales channel. and online dealers before expanding to offline channels, both kiosk and Telesale, selling through TV shopping As a result, during the past 4 years, sales have come from Multi-channel does not rely on any one channel

In 2017, the proportion of sales is divided into

  • Online 219 million baht
  • Kiosk 3.2 million baht

In 2018, the proportion of sales is divided into

  • Online 172 million baht
  • 4 million baht kiosk

Year 2019, the proportion of sales is divided into

  • Online 653 million baht
  • Kiosk 35.6 million baht
  • Call center (hiring agency) 5 million baht

In 2020, the proportion of sales is divided into

  • Online 1,584 million baht
  • kiosk kiosk 88 million baht
  • Modern Trade 390 million baht
  • TV Shopping (Telesale) 528 million baht

Year 2021, the proportion of sales is divided into (January – September 2021)

  • Online 895 million baht
  • 43 million baht kiosk
  • Modern Trade 45 million baht
  • TV Shopping (Telesale) 913 million baht

“One of our strong advantages is that we are a breath-taking supplement brand. has its own distribution channel We have always grown with our own legs.

always 3 last year since 2560 – 2562 Amado has always been in the online ocean. Later we expanded to offline channels. by selling online is still the main breath of the company

in the year 2019 We use the agency to make a call center. But the agency kept a high GP, making us feel unfair. decided toThe repository agency will not be used. GP More expensive after a year 2563 therefore began to be sold on TV shopping channels Last year, the company invested in the system Telesale and started marketing offline channels Help drive online sales to grow. 2 as much as from 650 million baht last year increased to 1,584 million baht

as well as the growth of the channel Telesale both the number of incoming calls todaywe build New High in the shopping tv channel 9,000 – 10,000 calls per day and sales during 9 month of this year can 913 million baht”


3. R&D

At present, Amado Group has developed dietary supplements. and many types of vitamins But of course, the main sales products are still from the collagen group.

– Collagi Collagen, golden tin, 1,162 million baht (59%)

– H Collagen, canned red, 114 million baht (6%)

– Silver Collagen, silver can For the elderly, 187 million baht (9%)

– Cerigi Collagen Tablets for Anti-aging, targeting the new generation, 200 million baht (10%)

– Ben C Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets 210 million baht (11%)

– Ka-Ne Probiotics 13 million baht (1%)

– BifinaEx, gold box from Japan, 100 million baht (5%)

“Today we have a wide variety of products. That means Amado It’s not always a brand of gold canned collagen. but a brand that offers a wide variety of health products.”


Create a new brand “Amaprai” (amaprai) Catch a pilot herbal marketHemp seed oil plus

From the Cabinet meeting approved the draft ministerial regulations for permission. and import production license export sales or have in possession In which the drug category 5, hemp only, B.E. Hemp will be developed and researched for use in the medical, medicinal, herbal, food, and cosmetic industries because hemp acts in the same group as cannabis.

Research reference data of Bank of Ayudhya The value of the Thai hemp industry is estimated as of July 2021. After the lockdown, the hemp business has been linked to five industrial chains, namely beverages, food, medicine and dietary supplements. costume and personal care products With a total hemp market value of approximately 15,800 million baht and in the next 5 years or the end of 2025 will grow an average of 126% per year.

latest “Amado” Seeing business opportunities in the hemp herb market and in order to increase the guidelines and strengths of the business, the concept “Natural nutrition” (Natural Nutrition) to enhance the strengths of vitamin products and dietary supplements Launched a new product in the herbal dietary supplement category under the brand “Amaprai” originated from Amado + herbs The brand’s first SKU product is Amaprai Hemp Seed Oil Plus (Amaprai Hemp Seed Oil Plus) which is a dietary supplement from hemp is legally registered

information from euro monitor International It is estimated that in 2020, sales of the world’s herbal products market are worth 204.070 million baht and have a growth rate (CAGR) from 2020-2027 representing 5.9%. It is estimated that in 2027, the global herbal product market will be worth 304,828 million. baht

Coupled with the global situation affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, consumers are increasingly turning to natural and organic products, resulting in the Healthy Living trend.


Amado Group It is predicted that in the next 3 years Amaprai brand There will be a market share of 10% from the market value of Thai herbs and Chinese herbs in Thailand, totaling more than 40,867 million baht.

We use our expertise is R&D, distribution channels, and databases to develop hemp products. If you get a good response Next, common herbs for home use We may process it to add value, such as blue paniculata, white galingale, or even balsam.

At the beginning of the year we gave Brand Promise with Thai consumers that We live for your health the word Health Not limited to vitamins and dietary supplements only Therefore, anything related to health We will distribute through channels beloved shopping such as air purifiers, pillows, bed sheets, home consumer products that meet health But while we have a wide range of products. Amado continues to be an expert in nutritional supplements and vitamins.” Mr.Thana Traichat Concluding


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