Amadou Massar Sarr, SG of SATS, noted the shortcomings noted at the port.

The director of the port after having brought together all the actors to discuss the difficulties encountered by the port workers, the opportunity was seized by Amadou Massar Sarr, general secretary of the union of transport auxiliaries of Senegal and port to list certain problems that constituted the bone of contention between trade unionists and the port administration.

Thus, he enumerated: “the increase of the activities in a perimeter which dates since 1865, and the port underwent since then internal adjustments with traffic which reached today 19 million tons; the city of Dakar is suffocating with massive traffic jams and unprecedented port congestion; necessary work always postponed; the management of empty containers, the worrying silence of the trade authorities; the absence of listening, of understanding …

The Port Director has promised to find structural solutions to all these problems in close collaboration with all stakeholders …


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