Amal Maher returns with a new message after retiring!

Abdullah Abu Deif (Cairo)

The Egyptian artist, Amal Maher, spoke again after announcing her retirement at the beginning of June, sending a message to her broad audience after thousands of messages and tweets that affected her to reverse the decision to retire from singing and return again.

Amal said through her personal account on Twitter: “My dear audience, our Lord alone is aware of your support for me and your support for his influence on me. He was a factor in the worst circumstances I came back to in my life. If I could go to every person and person, I thank them myself. I will not be late. Our Lord made you a reason to strengthen me in the weakest moments.” My life and the greatest trials of my life, our Lord is generous, strong and mighty.”

And she added: “I have full faith that if the whole universe came together to benefit or harm a person, they would not benefit him or harm him except with what God had written for him. I am waiting for the relief.”

She wrote: “Victory and the reward of patience and reward for all that God knows. God suffices me, for He is the best Lord and the best helper. Oh God, praise be to you for everything. Oh God, praise be to you in adversity before good times. God gave me it in the greatest ordeal of my entire life.”

The Egyptian artist, Amal Maher, announced her complete retirement from art in early June, without revealing the reasons for her sudden decision after years of presenting hundreds of lyrical works that affected the Egyptian and Arab scene.


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