Amandine Beyer brings Vivaldi “more hooligan and irreverent” to the Torroella Festival with “Il mondo al revescio”

El fsummer of Torroella de Montgrí has lived one of the “pearls” of this edition that has been programmed for a whole year by the health crisis. The stage of theAuditori Espai Ter has been filled with Vivaldi music by the French violinist and conductor Amandine Beyer. The show has also served to record Beyer’s latest work ‘Il mondo al rovescio’, which aims to be “a journey through the most hooligan, ironic, bizarre and perverse Vivaldi.” A concert that was followed by nearly 150 live spectators, but which was also streamed. Artists such as the Piccoti-Puig duo or the Sant George Quartet, which will bring their Jazz fusion to Torroella de Montgrí.

The start of the concert has been bumpy. Beyer broke a rope and needed a few minutes to change it. After this setback, Vivaldi has sounded in all its splendor. A concert that served to present the artist’s latest work, and was recorded live at the Espai Ter Auditorium. “It’s a world first,” celebrates festival director Montse Faura.

All this in an hour and a half concert where pieces have been heard that define Vivaldi’s most “hooligan and irreverent” face. “We have all been through the Four Seasons at some point in our lives, but there is a more perverse Vivaldi from another era and that, in addition to coinciding with spring, is very appropriate,” explains Faura.

At the end of the event, the audience applauded the musicians, especially Beyer, who thanked the audience for hosting an audience that is already familiar to him. And this is the fourth time that the French violinist has played at the festival.

A concert that in addition to being recorded, has also been broadcast. “It’s the presentation of Amandine Beyer’s new album around the world. We’re very pleased and we’ve given her carte blanche,” says Faura.

Culture Support

Faura wanted to highlight Culture as an essential good and remarked that it has been a “key” element for many people during the pandemic. “We are proving once again that we are safe and we want Culture not to stop manifesting itself. Culture has given a lot during the pandemic, now the public needs to give it back a bit too,” he noted.

Faura acknowledges that county confinement complicates the holding of events, but notes that they are “very pleased” to be able to run the festival. In this sense, he highlighted the attitude of the public that has been “faithful” and has allowed them to move forward the 40th anniversary.

An anniversary that has been celebrated throughout the year, after the pandemic forced the format to be rethought. “Luckily we kept it even though we had to redesign the format four or five times,” the director explains.


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  1. Ha estat un concert d’excelent amb una magistral interpretació gran complicitat entre els musics i , com no ,amb els seus instruments. Tots ells s’expresavent de manera que no podies quedar indiferent. T’ atrapavent i no et deixavent ni per un moment.
    La entega virtuosa de música , que ens han ofert amb aquest concert , ha omplert el nostre l’interior conscient i que ens fa feliç.
    Poder gaudir de bona música. És un gran plaer.
    Moltes gràcies


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