Amateur and professional sports, a new plan of 400 million euros to project

The actors of amateur and professional sport were heard by Emmanuel Macron. Measures have been announced to help French sport overcome this black year.

It was by videoconference that the President of the Republic spoke with the actors of amateur and professional sport this Tuesday, November 17. The concerns were numerous and the demands multiplied in recent weeks, the French sport believing to be “forgotten” by the public authorities.

Support amateur sport to relaunch and be more attractive

Since October 30, the amateur sport is at a standstill, and this situation adds to an already heavy toll. At the start of the school year in September, the fall in registrations was significant in all disciplines, and many associations found themselves in very great difficulty.

At the end of the meeting, officials could rejoice in a possible reopening (depending on the health situation) from the first half of December for minors. For the general public, it will probably take wait until january 2021. On the other hand, emergency aid will be devoted to non-employer associations.

With a budget of 100 million euros, the Pass’ Sport will finance the costs of registration in clubs and wants to fight against this decline in licensees.

110 million euros to support professional sport

The government has also confirmed that it wants help professional sport, which suffers in particular from the closure of stadiums and halls. Part of these losses in ticketing revenue will be offset, even if we do not know the details or the distribution rules at this time. In addition to this support 105 million euros exemption from social contributions.

The return of the public can be considered from mid-January, always depending on the evolution of the health situation. The reception rules will not be the same as in September, but they still have to be specified.

While some denounce an abandonment of sport by the government, the latter wished to recall that 4 billion euros (including one billion for PGE) have already been paid this year to the sports community.

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